I start with the assumption that this is a God-made world and humanity and the world are the property of the gods. (I am not a Christian though I largely agree with them. In this article I will use the terms “God” and “gods”, interchangeably).

Further, hell exists, and the denizens of hell are the enemies of the gods, and hell is so dangerous it is entirely off-limits to God’s subjects. The gods can deal with hell’s subjects, but humanity is easy prey.

Religion has a number of functions. It exists to remind us of our place in the world (in the Triumphs of Rome when the conquering generals returned, a slave accompanied them in their triumphal chariot to whisper in their ear – “Remember, you are only a man”). To respect, worship and give thanks to deity. Prayer carries these functions, and also allows us to ask for help with problems beyond our power to solve. Prayer is a boon for the poor and oppressed. But it has another key function. It is a tool, a divine power extended to us, to protect ourselves from the spiritual warfare directed against us from hell. Without true religion and prayer, humanity would be over-run by hell’s occult powers.

Hell is the enemy of both gods and men. Humanity is the weak link. Our survival depends in not being separated from deity, avoiding being seduced or recruited by hell, and maintaining our connection with deity, through which divine power is channelled to obstruct and defeat hell’s objectives. Religion is not merely an opinion, a lifestyle choice. The survival of humanity depends on it (true religion).

Hell seeks to destroy God’s creation. This not only includes hell will work to destroy individual humans, or masses of humans, but includes damaging the planet that we depend on for life. It is no loss to hell. The people and the planet do not belong to them. They will try and take what does not belong to them, subvert and pervert the right use of everything, and destroy completely what they cannot use or take. Hell is not only the physical enemy of humanity, they are ideologically our enemy as well. All our values, religious, moral , and those emotional and intellectual qualities that support human virtues, such as love, loyalty, sharing each other’s burdens, compassion – values where we support each other in family ties and bonds of friendship, and community are a source of derision to hell. They delight in trashing our core values, knowing our minds collapse without them and our hearts grow cold. Hell inverts humanity’s values. Hell’s religion is anti-religion. Where we respect good, they scorn good and seek to replace it with evil. They overlook no opportunity to do evil and cause harm.


The Nazis and Soviets in the middle of the last century studied the occult as a means of obtaining military advantage. Perhaps Churchill had some insight, for in the midst of war he ordered a national day of prayer. Post-war the Americans, and probably the British too, continued this line of research.

In my view, this was a serious mistake. Not all psychics or magic people, however you want to term it, are servants of hell. But black magic has always been recognised as being more powerful than white magic, and the military/espionage cadre are only interested in the most powerful weapons. What they overlooked, not having any religious sense, was that the servants of hell, only serve hell. If you try to use evil, you will find evil using you. These are not your tools. They will turn against you and subvert everything you are trying to accomplish. I believe our military/espionage establishment have “opened a door” which they now find they cannot shut. Worse, when they discovered prayer trumped even black magic, they set to recruiting prayer people. I do not see the gods/God tolerating a subject race combining the powers of hell and the gods together.

It might not be coincidental that we are seeing Christians harassed, the promoting of voodoo as a legitimate religion, the moral values which are our Judaeo-Christian inheritance, trashed at every opportunity. The poor and ill trampled and mocked. Rules, which require people to not do their jobs but do nothing while people suffer and die.

We are witnessing something worse than the return to mere feudalism. We seem to be returning rapidly to the era of the ancient Hebrews surrounded by people’s worshipping devil-gods.