This is just one example of the absence of research or concealed research which accompanies many govt policies. My guess is the costs were ignored because the monied interests knew they were on to a winner, and our political class are chiefly the servants of the monied class. The alternative would have been, if a change to society had the result of making the mass of the population better off, and the monied classes worse off, the change would not have happened.

Living In A Madhouse

Robert Henderson

The politically correct never cease to tell us that mass immigration is a net benefit to Britain. By this they mean that immigrants pay more in taxes than they cost in publicly funded services. To make such an assessment the following statistics would be needed:

1. The amount of income tax and National Insurance paid by immigrants.  Because of the type of work involved – seasonal, work offered by foreign gangmasters and so on –  it is reasonable to assume a  disproportionately  large proportion of those working in the black market are immigrants. There is also a practice of immigrants working and paying tax until they exceed the single person’s tax allowance in a tax year, ceasing to work in the UK for that tax year and then reclaiming all the income tax paid at the end of the tax year. That rebated tax  needs to be deducted…

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