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Western societies share the cultural norm that most people who are able are engaged in productive work which provides income sufficient for their needs. This distributes wealth widely and relatively evenly and minimises poverty. In contrast with non-industrial societies, where only a minority of the populace can find self-sustaining work.

Our work focused societies in ennabling virtually everybody to provide adequately for themselves by spending most of their time in the workplace have a tendency to be socially and politically stable. You can meet your needs through legitimate activity, so there is no need to rock the boat or resort to crime out of desperation. 

What happens if that situation changes? Unrestrained free market capitalism guarantees that manufacturers will seek out the cheapest workforce. Jobs migrate to regions where wages are low because of job shortages, combined, usually, with a very low cost of living, and workers have no protection from exploitation.  A worker in a Western nation cannot work for £1 per day. That wouldn’t even feed him, never mind pay the rent . The manufacturers enjoy a double bonus on their profits. Worker in Country A makes the goods for a pittance, that good then sold at the premium price in Country B. 

Wages in industrial nations rose with the cost of living. As people had more money to spend, the prices demanded for their rents, house prices, utilities, etc rose in step. But workers in industrialised nations were not given the option of working for lower wages – which in order to work should have had the cost of living reduced in step. There is no mechanism which says across the board real wages have fallen, by say, 10 percent over the last twenty years, so that rents, house prices , utilities, taxes, will also fall 10 percent to match . The jobs just migrated overseas leaving increasingly large numbers of the previously working populace facing the highest cost of living in the world, and no wage to meet living costs. While those in work are having their wages forced below subsistence.

The social and political stability of our Western nations has largely depended on the majority of our able population being in work most of the time for wages sufficient for their needs. What happens when a large proportion of the populace finds that work is no longer an option for sustaining a reasonable life, or that work involves continuous drudgery, with no hope of anything better,  being treated with contempt from everyone, and at the end of it all you still cannot afford to pay your bills?

What is the alternative to a good job to obtain a living? Most people live in cities. They can’t “go back to the land” and become self-sufficient.

One thing is that the cultural norm of the “work ethic” will be abandoned. When work, no longer works, for the person doing it. If the alternative of self-sufficiency is not an option, it looks like crime is the only alternative. The establishment are possibly OK with this option. They are equipped to deal with criminals. But for the majority still socialised and moral citizens when they see they can no longer access their needs through legitimate employment, and the welfare safety net is taken away, and who reject crime as an option, political unrest will certainly result. Principally a growing ground-swell against the ruling class who have brought the situation about through their deliberate policies.  Having created a catastrophic situation for the general populace the priority becomes suppressing and eliminating dissent using any tools available. Thus we see the model of free Western societies sliding inexorably in the direction of Soviet Russia or German Stasi.  The million useful idiots are always available. Manufacture scapegoats. Get the mugs to police each other while the puppet masters above roll in luxury and pull the strings.