Window Garden, Harrogate

My window garden comprises rosemary, sage, chives, strawberry, lavender, mint, parsley, pea and lettuce.

The window faces East, so I get direct sun from about 5am to mid-day, which the plants love. I bring the plants in when it gets stormy.

This is my first real attempt at a window garden and I have made a few mistakes – like 11 tomato plants will not all grow in one pot. And if you plant 24 pea seeds at the same time, they will all crop at the same time. I have had lots of flowers on my strawberry but I doubt that I will get any fruit. Should have used a bigger pot. And I cheat with the lettuce. I buy the living lettuce from the supermarket, then separate it into several pots to give it room to spread. That has been quite successful.

All in all, fresh herb salad any time I want (instead of throwing out expensive unused bags of lettuce from the supermarket every couple of days) and the divine scent of lavender every time I open my window – can’t be bad.