The foundations of the Christian church were community and prayer. But soon politics entered the picture. The clerics started to be recruited mainly from the ruling classes. It was not in their interests that the people they were oppressing should know they had prayer as a resource.

It is said the greatest achievement of the devil is to persuade everyone that he does not exist. The greatest achievement of the church, hi-jacked by the ruling classes to primarily serve their own politico-socio ends, was to persuade the populace that prayer is ineffective.

Christians look back on the early church with bafflement. They often ask, why did prayer work then, but not now? It never stopped working. What happened was that people stopped praying.

The evangelical churches, prayer churches, are active and effective. Alternatively there are numerous free prayer sites on-line, such as Prayonit, or Daily Guideposts and Prayerwarrior sites, where you can request that others pray for you, or your loved ones. Help with healing (along with doctors please), protection, and help with problems are usual. There are many non-denominational sites. Do not feel excluded if you are not a Christian.

And when you ask for prayer, pray for others.