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I used to be a prayer warrior (non-denominational). I surrendered my gift rather than have it hi-jacked to evil purposes. But that does not mean that Prayer is not still available as a defence.

I don’t know how many prayer sites there are on the net – but take a look. Lots.

You don’t need to pay for prayer. Most sites are free. Also prayer is for everyone. Not only Christians. (after all, God is the God of all of us).

I use prayer sites quite often as need arises.

Obvious legitimate things to pray for are healing (alongwith medical treatment, of course). That you get the right medical treatment, that nobody makes mistakes, and the treatment is as as successful as possible. And you get the treatment when you need it.

It is legitimate to pray for your rights – that you receive your correct welfare/pension entitlement.

And if you are being targeted by criminals, it is legitimate to pray for the failure of those who engage in criminal or immoral acts.

Also prayers for your protection and the protection of your family.

Prayer is also anti-occult.

It is considered a courtesy on many of these sites that when you make a prayer request you also pray for others.

You can also request prayers, in person,  from evangelical type churches. Again, you will not normally be asked for payment, but it is a courtesy to make a donation. This is not for the prayer as such. But many churches are small and self-financing and they naturally have overheads such as rents and bills. It is only fair to contribute to the support of the churches which are willing to assist you.

Why pray? Because we have free will and that is protected. The Divine will not step in and solve your problems for you because that would destroy your autonomy. That is why you must ask for help, in order to legitimise intervention on your behalf. The help you receive will be within natural limits. Natural laws are not broken (miracles).

What I am going to say next is going to sound a bit paradoxical. My recommendation to everyone, who seeks a good objective, is to pray. Prayer works, whether you believe in it or not  – that is why I say prayer is for everyone. (Along the same lines that God exists whether you believe in Him or not). From a non- believer standpoint, this looks irrational. Prayer can only be effective if the person you are praying to exists.  Prayer is effective because the Divine does exist.

The reason I recommend prayer sites is that the prayer capability is like all other human capabilities (like intelligence). Some are better equipped than others. Your prayers might not be very effective because you are on the low end of the spectrum. That is why people praying in a group is recommended.

But when you realise that prayer is effective, whatever your original belief standpoint, you realise we are all subject to a power greater than ourselves, and that the Power that we seek to help us, must be approached with respect.

Ask for prayer, and pray for others.