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Gang stalkers don’t just vandalise the Target’s property. They also vandalise the target’s employer’s/landlord’s property. By breaking the trust that normal social interactions assume – that people will act in good faith and not take advantage of a relationship to exploit/attack, the Targets, which include everyone in the Target Bait’s vicinity, will find once gang stalkers get involved, they will be subject to arbitrary and unnecessary financial losses. (What brought this on? I went into the communal kitchen at 3am, noticed the kitchen was warm, then realised someone had left the electric oven on low. Which means the oven, an electricity gobbler was likely on for 6 hours or more, for no reason other than to waste electricity. Is this the only night this has happened? I hardly ever go into the kitchen. Our rents here are inclusive. The Landlord gets the Bill).

My previous Landlords were targeted in this way, and it seems the same formula is being played against my present Landlord .

To cover their tracks, one of their first moves is to control communications. At our first London address, before the gang stalking b………t started in the house, our method of paying rent was changed from in person, weekly, to Direct Debit. Perfectly normal, but it meant that the regular chats between ourselves and the Landlord, who was a friend of my husband and a type of relative, no longer took place. Feedback was lost, both in him receiving updates from us as to what was happening in the house, and the converse, what was happening in his life.

At our other address, a similar thing happened. The Letting Agent, originally within walking distance, moved their office to an address outside London. We were no longer meeting with them face-to-face to relay what was going on.

And what helps to break down communication further is to spread lies either to one or both parties, to discourage conversation.

A familiar pattern of events is happening in this house in Harrogate. A couple of months ago, the Housekeeper, quite upset, told me that one of the other tenants had broken the door off the washing machine. He was understandingly bewildered why anyone would do this. So was I. As I said when I moved here most of the long-term tenants were moved out. Since then the house has been half empty and the tenants keep changing every month or so. (A constant churn of tenants we also experienced at our second London address).

Yesterday morning I happened to meet him coming in and commented that – I knew it wasn’t his job, but he should be aware that the sloped and stepped path to the bins had become very slippery. He told me that he had a problem that when he relayed the house problems, he was totally ignored.  Not even a reply. That the gardener had stopped coming because she hadn’t been paid. When he suggested he could do the gardening, the gardener reappeared. When I commented it was a lovely house, but a shame the noise insulation between rooms was not better, he told me that a tenant neighbouring him had come in at 2am, and not just turned her music on, but turned it on loud, and when he remonstrated with her, was subject to a rant along the lines, what was he going to do about it?

These look like unconnected events, if you haven’t experienced gang stalking tactics before. But I see a pattern connecting these events.

The vandalism of the washing machine looks totally irrational. But remember, the guilty sometimes commit crimes in order to make the innocent look guilty – and this is a pre-eminent gang stalking signature. The housekeeper, who is an honest man and devoted to his job, would have had to tell the owners what had happened. What if the owners had been told lies about the Housekeeper, for the specific purpose of breaking communication/feedback, back to the owners what was happening in the house? Let’s guess – a lie/slander to the effect that the Housekeeper is on drugs and sometimes goes off his head? As a consequence he is a fantasist, and just ignore everything he says? This would turn the house into an information black hole. The point of the Owners employing a Housekeeper was to have someone on hand to take care of the house and keep them informed. The vandalism combined with the lie effectively makes the Housekeeper’s role redundant. The bitter irony of the situation is that the Housekeeper is still an honest man, and still trying to do the job he is paid to do, but his situation has been reframed by lies to make him look criminal. House sabotage has already occurred. The vandalising of the washing machine. Running up the electricity Bill. What other sneaky sabotage has been going on/is in the pipeline, for which an innocent party will get the blame?

The outrageous behaviour from the other tenant, obviously for harassment purposes.

But the strangest thing the Housekeeper told me was that when one of the Agent’s from the Estate Agent’s was showing a new tenant to the house, he walked straight into his flat, without knocking. This not only happened once, but three times.

Why? Had the Estate Agents been told the Housekeeper was on drugs, and was trying to catch him out?

Criminal defamation of character really needs to be classed as a crime (I have an e-petition up to that effect). Without it it is far too easy to ruin an innocent person’s life with tailor-made slanders.

(And in case the Owners and the Estate Agents are feeling smug, and that they are on the inside-track information wise, quite apart from the fact they have swallowed a load of Horlicks, I remind the reader that previous landlords lost their houses/businesses. That is the prime objective of gang stalking. Not pfaffing about making working class peoples lives impossible. We are just the bait The people with the resources are the catch.)