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I had suspected for years that I was under surveillance and being stalked and it didn’t particularly bother me. But after my husband’s death the stalking went into high visibility mode.

Now what is the purpose of obvious stalking? It goes against common sense. Under-cover operatives monitoring criminals/terrorists do everything humanly possible to avoid detection by the people they are following.  They are trying to catch the criminals red-handed or identify their gang members.

But the gang stalker controllers are playing a confidence trick. They know the target isn’t a criminal, so there is no law enforcement purpose in following them. The stalking is for the benefit of the recruits. It gives them something to do. It involves them in the process. Being obvious has a purpose in that it is an aggravation to the target, who gives a response, and that response is a conditioning reward for the stalkers. If the Target did not know they were there and gave no response, the gang stalkers would feel they were not achieving anything.

And it is a means to continuously harass and stress the Target.