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A Hard Person to Exploit

I discovered the term “gang stalking” last year and realised it provided a single explanation for obstructive events in my life from when I was first harassed at Ulster University (Coleraine campus) in the 1970s.

With a 35 year overview I first noticed an outstanding pattern – that people associated with me had suffered great financial losses ranging from losing their life savings to losing their houses (landlords) or businesses.

To me this provided a satisfactory explanation for the “why” of gang stalking – it is a criminal racket.

But some information on gang stalking sites continued to niggle and intrigue.  That it is estimated that 70 percent of gang stalking targets are women. And it seems a particular type of woman is selected. Many, like myself, who went to University with the intention of following a career. Feminists, lesbians and women who support women self-help charities such as Women’s Aid. The main male category appears to be gay men.And then I realised there were other peculiarities in my experience which might also be connected to gang stalking, which otherwise made no sense.

My gang stalking at University appeared to begin with a policeman – surprisingly an English one, given that this was Northern Ireland and to my knowledge not many English people worked for the Royal Ulster Constabulary – especially while the troubles were going on. To have an English accent in that context at that time had a high risk factor attached to it, never mind being in uniform. The locals were, let’s say a bit hyper-sensitive to English accents and a number of innocent people died being mistaken for British agents.

He manipulated an acquaintanceship and his subsequent behaviour was odd. He had an inordinate interest in my sex life. More than I had as I am asexual, although it took me a lifetime to find out. He asked questions like did I dress up.  And provided me with a huge, unwanted pile of pornographic magazines, about two feet high, which I glanced at, decided was boring and finally gave to a friend who was interested. In retrospect I deduce I was probably being subjected to a hidden camera in my home and I wasn’t providing interesting material for their conscripted porn racket.

The years after I left University were strange for the pattern of meeting a series of strikingly beautiful women. I have a quirk in that I don’t like beauty. I view it as a handicap, especially in women and I don’t want to be in the vicinity of it due to the unwanted attention from undesirables it attracts. Fortunately I am plain, and have never wanted to be anything else. But I will put up with a woman who is beautiful if she is intelligent. But it irked me. Now I wonder if these beautiful women were being pushed in my direction in the hope I would enter into a relationship – and so provide some exotic footage. (I wasn’t interested).

Alongside this I realise there were also attempts to trick me into getting pregnant with men of higher social class. In view of my reputation being trashed through the gang stalking formula, if I ever had got pregnant, the child would certainly been taken from me on the basis I was an unsuitable parent (the lies that I was a drug dealer, criminal, crazy, paedophile etc).Babies were still being taken from single mothers in the 1970s. Fortunately contraception had become available, so on the two occasions I was tricked into sex there was no result. A friend was coerced into giving up her first child, when she had a fit. Instead of waking up in hospital she found herself in a mental institution where the social workers gave her a choice. Surrender her baby for adoption, or remain.

But in my experience it wasn’t only working class women who were being manipulated for sexual or reproductive purposes. I also knew an upper middle class lady who had wanted nothing more than to marry and have children. Coincidentally, in two separate events separated in place and time both her intended died, and she witnessed their deaths. She ended up with a courtesan-like lifestyle. Not what she wanted.

As a working class white woman, growing up in the 1950s/1960s, before contraception, I knew the likely result of an unintended pregnancy would be I would be forced to surrender the child for adoption. However it was white children that were wanted, not mixed race.

On that basis my first boyfriend was not white. I really thought we were going to marry. But I suspect that relationship was deliberately sabotaged. Firstly he was swindled out of his life’s savings (£40k a substantial amount in those days) and I believe he was told lies about me to ensure the relationship would founder – which it did.

The sexual/reproductive debacle finished when I met my late husband in my forties. At that stage and age, neither of us would be attractive film stars so that area of meddling in our lives discontinued.


For brevity’s sake I have omitted a lot more anecdotal material which I could have included. But I think the pattern I have discerned is plausible. I have been gang stalked for more than 35 years. The process appears to have started with corrupt police who had no reason to take an interest in me for the justifiable reasons of being criminal or a public danger. The policeman attempted to encourage, increase and extend my sexual behaviour, which implies a motive for doing so, the likely one being surveillance footage of me was being marketed as porn and I wasn’t providing interesting material. There were also attempts to manipulate me into becoming pregnant in circumstances where it is improbable that I would have been allowed to keep the baby. And possible sabotage of a relationship which might have ended in marriage to a non- white where it would have been harder to take any resulting child and they would not have wanted a mixed blood anyway.

In other words, there was an attempt to farm me for sexual and reproductive purposes. As in human trafficking, sexual slavery, pimping and so forth. Even when it seemed the gang stalkers were making no money out of me they were likely selling surveillance footage – while pretending to their duped recruits that the monitoring was for crime prevention purposes.

If I am right this would explain why the majority of Targeted Individuals are women, and also gay men.