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The perspective on the activity of gang stalking is distorted – for the simple reason that all gang stalking sites are written by targets. Targets are the smallest part of the activity. For every target there are probably at least one hundred people engaged in gang stalking activities – being required to wear special clothes, repeat phrases meaningless to themselves, deliberately do their work in as noisy a fashion as possible,  uproot plants in their garden, set off fire alarms when there is no fire, bump into complete strangers, get in people’s way, ask people for money, start arguments, stand still and stare at someone , jump queues, cause delays at check-outs, deliberately provide bad service, commit acts of vandalism, commit arson, steal, harass fellow workers, spread malicious lies, mow the lawn for five minutes, then leave it for half an hour and then do another five minutes, or cut a hedge not in one go, but on and off during the day. Get their children to sit beside strangers, get their children to run into a strangers path, get their children to bump into people deliberately, get their children to ask to see the bedroom, and other odd things which a normal parent wouldn’t normally do. This is not an exhaustive list but you get the idea.

Of course getting people to act in absurd ways can only be done if you have given the person  a very good reason for doing so. Otherwise an ordinary, sane person might feel a bit stupid. So the stalkers are given a good reason for doing these things. It is because the person they are deliberately being a nuisance to is a terrorist/paedophile/drug dealer/insane – and their actions are assisting national security.



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