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The objective of gang stalking is to institutionalise the Target, either by being imprisoned for a crime they did not commit or committed to an insane asylum, without cause, which recently happened to Patrick McLaw. But the purpose is probably robbery. Most gang stalking targets are women. Many are elderly with lifetime savings and an inheritance from relatives – my situation.

In an earlier blog I told how I had to give up blogging at the library because a child (in term time, in school hours) would always come and sit beside me even though there were plenty of other places to sit. I also noted in another blog that the children the gangstalkers use are abnormally quiet and still – their behaviour is unchildlike. (Dear Readers, am I being framed; Children of the Damned).

It has taken me a while to realise that a child has been moved into the house of bedsits where I live – because there was virtually no sound to give his presence away. I live at 28 Spring Grove, Harrogate, England by the way. Have a look on google – after all, if they have nothing to hide they have nothing to fear. I live at the back, middle storey.

That person with his abnormally silent child moved out a couple of weeks ago. But a replacement has moved in.

So why do gang stalkers use children? If they want to fit you up with a crime, your appearance in court would be a chance to publicise what has been happening to you, that gang stalking has been going on. But if they fit you up with a crime concerning children, those court cases occur in secret, so your chance for publicity is lost.

Funnily enough, as I write this in the library (I have run out of my Gb allowance on my ipad) a person with a child, a girl, aged about 7 has taken the computer immediately beside me. The girl is almost sitting on my desk.

The demographic for child molesters is not usually women, especially those retired or on the point of retirement. If it is possible to access statistics for people jailed for child offences, it would be interesting to see if there is an unexpected blip in the statistics.

I live at 28 Spring Grove, Harrogate. Do look in. I am already being spied on. A few thousand more won’t make any difference – to me.