Same Difference

PC Stuart Wright used the 50,000-volt device after mistaking Colin Farmer’s white stick for a Samurai sword.

But after a gross incompetency hearing, he has simply received a “written improvement notice” and been told to say sorry.

Mr Farmer, 64, a retired developer, condemned the decision as “too little too late” and said he didn’t want “crocodile tears”.

He said: “He has been treated like a naughty schoolboy.

“I almost died that day and my life has been ruined. But he gets to walk away from it all with his job intact.

“An apology might make him feel better and take away some of the guilt but it wouldn’t be good for my health.

“The incident has left me terrified. I believe it was total negligence.”

The incident happened in October 2012 as Mr Farmer, from Chorley, Lancs, was walking to meet friends at a restaurant.

Witnesses saw PC Wright…

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