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Sometimes you meet people with exceptional qualities – it may be looks, athletic prowess or intelligence. Sometimes it is character. One such outstanding person was a teacher at the grammar school I attended in Northern Ireland, fifty years ago. Certainly he was intelligent. Also a very proficient teacher. But his outstanding feature was his character. He was a person of firm beliefs and absolute integrity.  You would not find a more honest person anywhere.

In my time at that school I must have been taught by about fifty teachers. I do not remember them all . I hated school, hated the other children and ignored the teachers to the best of my ability. So when I left I was happy to put the horrible experience behind me and just forget about it.

Some years after I had left school an acquaintance passed on the rumour that that teacher was a paedophile. It caused me momentary pause – and then I just forgot about it. I scarcely knew what a paedophile was, and hadn’t the slightest interest. It seemed out of character, but he was just a teacher after all.

Roll on fifty years. Last year I found out that the lifetime of disruption and weird events and ongoing harassment were not just bad luck, but indicated that I had been on the receiving end of a gang stalking protocol which included false allegations of criminality and depravity including paedophilia. And I found myself thinking of my ex-teacher more and more.

This man looked as if he should have had a glittering career. His credentials both academic and character were of the highest. He was prominent in his community. Yet when I tried to research him on the internet there was a noticeable absence of material. As if colleagues were embarrassed to know him and he only got mentions because it would have been distorting records to omit him.

So what is the connection between us? I was a mediocre student apart from one subject where I excelled and that was English. My background was rural working class and my deepest memory of childhood was being bored out of my brain – a boredom I alleviated by reading voraciously. I had an adult reading age before I left primary. My first years in grammar school I amused myself by reading my sister’s and mothers tertiary level texts in teaching and librarian studies. I particularly enjoyed psychology. So I was years ahead of the other students in my English classes. A fact that my teacher honestly reflected. Year after year I obtained school prizes in English, out competing a headmasters son who was the pre-eminent student in virtually every other subject.

When I discovered I had been gang stalked I looked back over my life to see if I could identify all the areas where I had experienced sabotage. I noticed in primary school there was unwillingness to allow me pre-eminence in several situations where it was merited. It seems I was allowed to come in second.

And then I wondered what had happened at grammar school. The school could not sabotage my exam results – in those days exams were independently set and marked – no teacher assessment. And I left with four “A” levels with two A Grades, one of course, in English.

And then I thought about another thing. The one category of the gang stalking grand opera which receives very little attention. What happens to the potential gang stalking recruit who just says “No”.  An honest man who refuses to smirch his professional integrity and fix results, according to someone else’s whim.

One thing is totally clear about the mentality of those who organise gang stalking. They are micro-managing control freaks who want total and minute control over everybody’s lives.  Their agenda appears to be – become their slave or be a Target.

Perhaps this explains why Targets belong to classes of people – many good Christians- who are stubbornly resistant to corruption.

If by chance, my old teacher reads this, I would like him to get in touch. We have a lot to talk about.