Denver Homeless Out Loud

Two Unjust Arrests in Boulder Colorado!

Richard, a man who has no home to sleep in, fell asleep in the Boulder Public Library and was arrested for “trespassing!” When Ben, a well know activist fighting for human rights for homeless people, saw the injustice and spoke up for the man’s right to sleep he was arrested for “trespassing, obstructing a ‘peace’ officer, and resisting arrest.” He pled guilty to resisting the unjust arrest, but then was sentenced an extreme of 35 days! Richard pled not guilty to trespassing and by the time of court he will have already spent 4 days in jail.

Both Ben and Richard have trial on Friday at 11:45am at Boulder Municipal Court 1777 6th st Boulder CO. Come to the court if you can and support the call for their charges to be dropped.

Please call and email Mayor Matthew Appelbaum Phone: 303-499-8970Email:

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