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This is my perspective on the gang stalking phenomenon.

Gang stalking is a criminal-political cult. It has three core objectives.

1.     To obtain recruits (gang stalkers), enslave them, and over time, leach them of all they possess.

2.     To obtain control over all society’s institutions – everything – banks, medical resources, accommodation, businesses, etc.

3.     To control communities by infiltrating all social venues – clubs, voluntary groups, charities, churches.

The aim is total control over society and everything in it. With this control the gang stalker recruiters will be in charge of all society’s resources, and they alone will determine who gets work, who gets accommodation, who can access medical treatment, and how everybody will live their lives. Qualities such as independence, self-sufficiency, autonomy, individuality – are not needed. Everybody must be controlled.

Naturally, nobody would buy into this voluntarily. So the methods employed follow standard cult procedures. How do you get people to join? The usual method of con-artist cults – with deception.

Firstly the Bait is selected. Most people the Recruiters want are middle class, as their work gives them power over people’s lives. To give or withold jobs or accommodation. Access to confidential records. The Recruiters exploit the inherent and un acknowledged  prejudice of the middle class against working class. Lies about a working class person to a middle class person will be easily believed. The Bait must be someone that people are willing to believe slanders about. But they mustn’t be too frightening. This makes lower class women ideal Target Bait.

The Bait, is the Recruiter’s “foot in the door”. EVERY person the Bait has social interaction with will be approached discreetly by a higher class seeming person, who will tell the potential gang stalker that that person is a paedophile/drug dealer/prostitute/terrorist etc, whichever lie that the potential recruit will find most appalling, and ask for assistance, for the public good, in surveillance of that person. Most people having been deceived about the situation, will agree. Recruitment is that simple. And once in, there is no out.

My gang stalking started about 35 years ago when I was a student at university. But I only found out about “gang stalking” a year ago. Looking back I immediately noticed a continuous thread of major financial losses suffered by people associated with me, a boyfriend, landlords, work colleagues, employers and business people. People lost their life’s savings, houses and businesses. Sometimes these financial losses were preceded by unexpected deaths of key people.

So it appears I have been used as unconsenting Bait for the recruitment of honest, decent, hard working people into a cult whose only objective is to steal everything they possess and turn them into slaves.

At this point I might try to tell you what that feels like, but my feelings are nothing to the wholesale wreckage that has been inflicted on others lives. I am gangstalker’s Bait.


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