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Due to the trouble I was having at the library – school age children sitting beside me at the computers in school hours and in term time, I got myself an iPad to use at home. I have had difficulty backing up as I don’t have wi-fi – I am on a cheap mobile contract with 3. The library and several other cafés have free wi-fi but for some reason it hasn’t worked. So today I went back to the 3 shop. They said they would back it up on their wi-fi for me and it would take twenty minutes. When I came back the shop was full and there were 5 gypsy-look-a likes. So I took out a book to read while I was waiting. When they brought my ipad out it hadn’t backed up any more than when I first left the shop. The assistant said – don’t worry, it won’t do it any harm.

When I went to use it I got a message in my email saying the iPad had been accessed from another source and to go to another link to sort it out. I pressed the link and a message came up saying I wasn’t authorised to see the message.

When I tried to access sites from google I was bounced out continuously. My email page kept freezing and when I finally got into it the links to wordpress were down. In order to get into wordpress I had to sign in again. But when I went back to my emails I was bounced out of wordpress – meaning there is no way I can re-blog sites of interest onto my blog.

So what does this mean? I have to say the customer service from 3 was disappointing. As the iPad hadn’t backed up any more from when I left the shop it looks that it was just switched off, and then the staff faked wonderment about the event. As they are not  idiots and neither am I this is just a tad insulting.

Also it is an amazing coincidence that in addition google informed me that the iPad had been accessed from elsewhere – then blocked my access as if I was the intruder.

And the further coincidence of not being able to access my emails and then being bounced out of wordpress so I can’t re-blog from my contacts.


So, in case you didn’t already realise it, there IS censorship on the net.  If you don’t parrot the establishment’s propaganda you have no free speech.  And, no, I am not imagining it.


PS I have already had to close my Facebook account because of unwanted postings I could not remove. So  I suppose it was a predictable progression that they would interfere with my blog.