They’ll be sending the dead out to work next.

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Sheila Holt: Woman who was told to find work while in a COMA receives apology

Sheila Holt’s harrowing story was told in the Mirror a fortnight ago. Today the minister for disabled people said: “That family has every right to be angry”

Apology: Sheila’s plight has finally been recognised by the Government

The minister for disabled people apologised “unreservedly” today to a woman pursued by the Work Programme even though she is in a coma.

Sheila Holt’s harrowing story was told a fortnight ago in the Mirror’s Real Britain column – and has twice been raised in the Commons by her MP Simon Danczuk.

Mike Penning’s apology came at the end of an historic three-hour debate calling for the government to properly assess the effect of welfare changes on Britain’s 11 million disabled people.

He said that he would personally look into…

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