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Hitler was bad enough, but at least Hitler was out in the open and people could see what he was doing. And even then people took so long to react he had time to build on his success.

But this new Hitler is fighting a clandestine war. An invisible battle is going on and even most of the victims do not know it is being waged. The gang stalking targets who come to recognise their lives have been sabotaged deliberately are the tip of the iceberg.

And then we try to link up – scattered individuals living in effective isolation. And one by one we are taken down. Gangstalking sites go silent and no-one can check up what had happened to the authors as our shelter of anonymity becomes our death shroud.

We have lost if we try to fight the current war using the last war’s methods.

Stoporganstalking has written a page with a formidable list of the skills a Targeted Individual needs to deal effectively with their situation. She was being ironic. Unfortunately, she was also being accurate. Another site which is only recent, and made huge progress in developing counter strategies is gangstalkingexposed. Also gone silent. Perhaps she is in hospital as she was subject to chemical attacks. Allstaractivist – please talk to us if you are in the land of the living. Your last posting you were wearing a gas mask to protect yourself from gas/chemical attacks in your own room. And two other residents in your house, only in their forties, had died.

Stoporganstalking and gangstalkingexposed are both right. We are not in a position to help each other. Attempts to link up seem to hasten the “disappearance” of those to try. We need to learn both from stoporganstalking and gangstalkingexposed and become one-person armies, prepared to do as much damage to our aggressors as humanly possible, on our own, with no expectation of help, and go down fighting.

And another thing

The targeted individuals who know we are being targeted, are the tip of the iceberg. We go onto each other’s gang stalking sites – and we are preaching to the converted. We are only a part of a much wider conspiracy. The war against the elderly – old people being killed through neglect and abuse in hospitals and nursing homes – carers in the home being falsely accused of elder abuse – the old being swindled out of their life’s savings and their children of their inheritance. The war against the disabled and ill – making them reach impossible standards of physical fitness to access Job Seekers/Disability Benefits and subsequent housing benefits – the bedroom tax pricing people out of their homes. In both groups of elderly and ill denying needed medical treatment. The war against parents – social workers taking children on false charges of abuse then gagging the parents in the family courts when they try to tell the truth. The war against women, the feminist backlash. The Indian lady who died in an Irish hospital because the staff refused to remove the already dead foetus. More of this will happen where foetal personhood laws are enacted. The demonisation of the unemployed who are unemployed as a direct result of government policies. Decent affordable housing becoming increasingly inaccessible – again due to government policies. Resulting in an epidemic of homelessness and attempted legislation criminalising the homeless. The targeted individuals who are aware are only a section of a wholesale persecution, suppression and harassment of ordinary citizens. There is clearly a covert war against ordinary citizens going on. Instead of preaching to the converted we should be reaching out to all these other persecuted groups with which we have much common ground.











Uncontrolled opposition