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Disgusting fascist third world dictatorships and many rigidly stratified societies have this in common – social hatred is encouraged and directed either downward onto the weakest, poorest and lowest status members of society, or directed against outsiders. This nicely protects the ruling/privileged classes from social resentment. 

Women are always oppressed in such societies , whose motto could be ” barefoot and pregnant”. Rendering women destitute forces large numbers into prostitution which helps to keep men pacified. 

These are the opposite of free democratic societies where, until recently, it was regarded as despicable to mock the distressed. But humorous jibes against our “superiors” were acceptable, in a well- intentioned effort stop them getting above themselves.

The trouble with these Nazi/might is right values, is that the fascist rulers really don’t want everyone in society to take fascist values on board. Women are half the population. What if women should decide to copy the values of their fascist male overlords and apply feminist-fascist principles. Might is right? Instead of comparing the power differential between a grown man and a grown woman, compare the power differential between a grown woman and a male baby. Add in the fascist methodology of when you have power never surrender it, and don’t let anything which might be a challenge to your power in the future survive to get there – and the only thing the women in the world have to do to take power from men, is to adopt the female equivalent of male fascist values. 

The last thing the male fascist overlords want is for women to become fascists too.

But while we are nice to them, they will always win.