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Many gang stalking targets complain that their internet is interfered with. Mark Rich, author of “The Hidden Evil” and who used to work in computing suggested that attempts to log in to various sites, supposedly those containing enlightening information, were diverted and substitute pages sent to the enquirer instead. This seems to me highly plausible. I have also noticed the delay in accessing sites. As long as two years ago I also noticed that particular sites I had trouble accessing when I finally managed to access, the information was outdated, going back from 6 months to 2 years – even though the sites were current.

In the last two weeks I have had unwanted posts put on my Facebook page which were impossible to delete forcing me to shut it down (an article on DEW weapons even though that is not my focus. The “opposition” is determined to push the idea that targets are mad). And just now after attempting to access a blog on a Classism site, I was bounced back to the Google home page twenty times in a row. So I gave up, temporarily, and wrote this blog, which I will update with any further experiences of apparent “censorship”.

Update 1

Still can’t get onto the site on classism. Must be some good stuff on there – or was until I started to look for it. This is the site. perhaps you will have more luck.

Update 2 (22.1.2014)
I am trying to read an article entitled “The Forced Depopulation of America’s Rural Areas” on truth11.com/ (Agenda21initiative). Have been bounced back to google homepage ten times.

Update 3 (22.1.2014)

This is an ongoing irritation on my ipad. I set the light level on the screen to the lowest setting (I am dyspraxic and light sensitive), and the iPad adjusts itself to a higher setting so I have to stop what I am doing and restore the light setting to lowest. This sometime happens gradually. At other times quickly and repetitively.

Update 4 (22.1.2014)

I try to put a comment about asset forfeiture and criminal police informants deliberately giving a wrong address to let their criminal friends off the hook on the site http://www.wnd.com/2012/08/cops-kill-dog-handcuff-kids-in-wrong-house-raid/ when the page freezes then blanks out. Access google home page which keeps freezing. Access yahoo, same thing. Potter about for two hours before managing to re access the site.

Update 5 (23.1.2014)

Repeatedly bounced out of a site I am reading to google home page. The site is uktargetedindividuals.blogspot.com/. The article was titled “Charles Seven and death of Judge Nicholas Pumfrey. The next article was about the death of Darrim Daoud.
The light on my ipad turned up to blinding.

Update 6 (23.1.2014)

I have read on gang stalking sites of targets having their input into blogs/comments altered- sometimes at the same time they are typing. I am experiencing this. I am a good touch typist but I am less good at finger tapping a keyboard on an iPad. I put that down to the very large number of typos I was making – only it was strange. The word I typed correctly would become a totally different word making a nonsense of meaning. Such as the word “about” becoming “snout”. A and S are beside each other on the keyboard. The word “adult” becoming “slime”. The words looked like credible typos but for the replaced words always having derogatory overtones. And then I caught it happening. Several words on a word I had correctly typed altering to another word with offensive connotations.

The site exposegangstalking has a page entitled “Stupidware – automated typos” giving more details.

I imagine it would not be difficult to design a computer programme combining plausible typos into specifically offensive words. Next question. How does this contribute to national security?

Update 7 (22.02.2014)

PRAYONIT. Prayonit is one of many prayer sites on the web, and one of the best. I USED to be a Prayerwarrior but surrendered my gift rather than risk it being hi-jacked in service of evil. Since then I have had to use prayer sites for protection, exposure of criminals, etc.
I had this problem at the library too. I was blocked from accessing Prayonit. It even showed a little message superimposed on the access button that would not work – “our evil is great”. I have accessed Prayonit about twice on my ipad. Today I got a failure of service message several times. So I am not the only one who believes that prayer works.

Update 8 (26.2.2014)Still can’t access PRAYONIT. There would be no reason to block access to a Prayer site, if prayer was ineffective.

Update 9

After browsing without problems for two hours bounced repeatedly out of the following site. anewdomain.net/Yahoo, Google Petition US Court FISC to lift Gag Orders (docs).

Google, Yahoo et al are tired of being scapegoated as complicit with their customers being spied on and wish to reveal to the public the number of times security services have asked them for information. The threat of prison has been used if they reveal this information.


The Hidden Evil, Mark Rich (kindle)
Organised Gang Stalking, Bonnie Lee Calcagno (iBooks)
Snitch Culture Jim Redden

Working Class Hero, John Lennon