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I have made the above quote the title of this blog because try as I might I cannot find who said it. I suspect it was one of the following that I read in childhood – G B Shaw, Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain or Quentin Crisp – one of those who wrote when freedom of thought was in fashion – unlike today.  But dealing with perverse research engines which seem to bend over backwards to not answer the question you have asked was not my intended topic, so I will leave it here.

 I was thinking more along the lines of the kind of madhouse that the puppet masters of the gang stalkers are working to create. Their determination to create a completely alternative social reality scarcely ever touching base with facts, but totally constructed  out of  perverted imagination and lies. A world  in which the heroes are who we say they are, even when they are villains. A world where the good, altruistic, generous and moral are labelled as criminals. The underlying viewpoint being reality is not fact, but our – distorted  opinion. That is why I call the agenda mad and the gangstalkers mad – because that is what madness is – being disconnected from reality, living instead in a world constructed out of imagination. Perhaps the end result for the Professional Liars who have gone so overboard in convincing others to believe their lies, that they ended up believing them themselves.

There is a quote by Krishnamurti which says being socially adjusted to a sick society is not a sign of mental health.

When  lunatics are in charge of the asylum the sane have cause to worry.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” Jiddu Krishnamurti