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COINTELPRO targeted feminists, lesbians and Women’s Aid. It never went away, just morphed into gang stalking. COINTELPRO justified itself by claiming it was acting against dangerous subversives. In practice it was designed to disable afflicted sections of society from obtaining social justice. Those social justice movements had great success, they brought about beneficial social change, but the threat they represented to the establishment, of so many large oppressed sections of society – women and ethnics – having the opportunity long denied to compete on a level playing field could not be tolerated. COINTELPRO, officially denied, just went underground. Gang stalking is the face of the modern political police. People are targeted not for any criminal act, nor danger to society, but simply  the extension of full citizen rights and opportunities to them deprives the privileged elite of a huge group of people they could previously totally exploit. Gang stalking denigrates and degrades the targets, strips them of the rights of a citizen, justifies discrimination against them, fans hatred towards them and seeks to reduce them to animal status by depriving them of essential privacy.  A return to the condition blacks and lower class women experienced before the social justice movements had effect.

Which leads to the question. Why is there never a good feminist around when you need one.

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