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Not disenfranchised in the sense of not having a vote. I mean disenfranchised in terms of citizenship. Targeted individuals are treated like illegal immigrants. Treated as if they have no right to be in the country, or perhaps even to exist.

The situation of being a Target strips you of your status as a citizen. A citizen is not a slave. A citizen has the right to a private life and personal independence and so long as they live within the law, free to follow any occupation or interest that they wish. They have rights which are protected by law. The right to enter into contracts explicit and implicit with the reasonable expectation that those contracts will be honoured. The right to respect so long as they haven’t done anything to lose that respect. The right to make the best of their circumstances and strive for a better life. The right to their reputation, and credit for their abilities and their work.

Contrast that with the situation that the Targeted Individual finds themselves in. They are treated as if they are a criminal, when they have committed no crime. They are held up to their community as a suitable focus for social contempt and hatred. They have no right to their good name but are forced to deal with the reputation others have forced on them with the use of lies. They are denied job opportunities even though they have the capability, the qualifications and the experience. When they try to access standard services within society they are obstructed. Not refused outright, but given shoddy, unreliable or dishonest service for which they are charged or over charged. They cannot rely on any standard social interaction even a straight forward process of using a shop, library, and most damaging of all, medical services. Due to fear of misdiagnosis and deliberately being given the wrong treatment, targets become afraid to access medical or dental services. Further the same sabotage occurs when they try to avoid doctors and access similar services offered through pharmacies. 

Last winter, when my husband was dying I went to a pharmacy  to have a flu jab, in order to keep infection out of the house, as his vulnerability to infection was very high. I had had a flu jab the previous year with no ill effect. I did not want to get flu and risk passing the infection onto my husband. In retrospect I realise the pharmacist looked at me in an odd way and seemed a bit tense. I had the jab, and the next day I was terribly ill. Much worse than any time I had ever had flu. A few days later my husband contracted his first lung infection. The first of a series which had catastrophic effects on his well-being in his last months. At that time I did not know I was a Target. When I found out, after my husband’s death, I questioned why I had had such an extreme adverse reaction, when the previous year’s flu jab had had no ill effect.

So, Targets are being effectively stripped of their rights as citizens, are being disenfranchised, treated like illegal immigrants – treated like foreigners in their own land.

Simultaneously, in Britain, immigrants are treated very well. There is non-stop media propaganda about how no-one is allowed to discriminate against foreigners.  With unemployment over 2 million, and everyone in work forced to work like a donkey in order to keep their jobs, employers by-pass the local jobs market and employ foreigners directly from overseas. This enables  employers to ignore British employment laws guaranteeing pay and conditions and employ foreigners at lower rates of pay. It is illegal to discriminate against a foreigner applying for a job, but it is not illegal to discriminate against a Briton. For one example, I worked for the Royal Mail in London for about 20 years. In the last 5 years,  of the new intake, only migrants came into the office, not one native Briton of any ethnic group. And the Royal Mail is only one example.  There are many large firms  which will only accept applications from migrants.

There is also an acute shortage of affordable/social housing. There was a shortage even before 4 million plus migrants entered the country over the last 10 years. But new arrivals seem to have little problem in accessing social housing.

So we have a ruling class who favour foreigners, because they are cheaper and more exploitable and discriminates against the native working class. Foreigners are treated favourably and given preference,  their rights upheld at every point, while AT THE SAME TIME  a new class of Targeted Individuals is being  created, denied work, forced out of housing, denied medical care, stigmatised as the vilest type of criminal and harassed without justification by the police.

In the new free labour market of the global economy working class people are redundant. Migrants are cheaper. But how do you get rid of an entire social class? 

Is gang stalking the new ‘final solution?”


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