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There are several reasons for the selection of a particular Target Bait. Some of which overlap.

The uniting factor is social class. I have not seen any indication that any upper class person is ever a Target. Most Targets are lower class and will have some of the following characteristics. People who are gentle, who are most unlikely  to retaliate when abused for years on end.  This suggests why the majority of Targets are women. The second largest group, it has been suggested are gay men, as a group usually less inclined to violence than their heterosexual counterparts.  Ethnic groups are also greatly represented. Within these groups may also be people of higher intelligence and stronger career ambitions than most others of their class.  People who could succeed and increase their status if allowed a chance. And there is also another small but very distinctive group. Men, of an unusually upright character, with the capacity to succeed against the odds. High achievers if they were not handicapped into failure.

These groups show a socio-economic consistency, with the exception of the upright men, who could come from any class, and often fall into the whistleblower category. The common factors appear to be low socio-economic status, combined with the innate ability and character required to succeed. As most of these groups have always received  the brunt of social discrimination, one agenda is clear – keeping people in their place. Which suggests a motive behind the targeting is to protect the status quo, which generally means the interests of the ruling class.

But aside from the politico-socio-economic features, there is another feature which has been remarked on. That the Targets often are very moral people. People who think for themselves and are on the incorruptible side of the spectrum. This exposes another hidden card in the gang stalkers hand. The Targets are chosen both to disable them socially  also because unlike the gang stalker recruits, they are difficult to dupe, are hard to corrupt, and therefore difficult to control. The gang stalker recruiters turn their gang stalkers into puppets. The Targets morality and self-sufficient mind set make them resistant to corruption and slavery and therefore expendable.

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