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This blog is going to be hard to write. I know what I want to say but I don’t know how to say it.

It took 35 years before I discovered I was being  gang stalked. So that is quite a lot of material to re-sort into gang stalking categories. But several things leapt out as glaringly obvious. First the gang stalkers are totally unconcerned about the damage their activities do – not just to their targets, but to everyone else in the vicinity. I have seen people frightened out of their homes and others frightened in their homes where they had lived their whole lives feeling safe and secure until the gangstalkers started playing their games.

I have seen a series of completely innocent and unsuspecting people experiencing huge financial damage, from losing their life’s savings, to the loss of their homes and businesses. I have seen marriages and relationships wrecked and children’s upbringings reduced to chaos. I have seen situations where it looks suspiciously like people were driven/tricked/harassed into committing suicide.  People being pushed into mental breakdowns and insanity. And a series of sudden deaths which don’t seem coincidental. Alongside seeing the shame on the faces of self-respecting professionals as they betray the honour of their crafts in fulfilling the gang stalkers instructions.

But it is very hard to pin anything down. I have a perspective because I didn’t know about gang stalking. Then when I found out I had 35 years to see patterns repeating in different times and different places. Which reveals another fact.

Gang stalkers play a long game.

Someone asked about gang stalking – why go to all that trouble, why not just kill the target? Because that would defeat the main point of the exercise. Yes, the target is specifically chosen to ruin their life, but it is the lives of all the other people that the Target Bait is used to entrap who are the point of the exercise. Landlords and business people who have got resources to plunder.

Normal people go out of their way to avoid trouble. They are co-operative on a quid pro quo basis. If they are managing, or being successful, they are happy that their constructive work brings some rewards. Rewards which they will use to support their families and provide a margin for their old age . They do not seek to harm people deliberately. Most people do NOT carry out crimes or destructive acts just because they think no-one is looking and they can get away with it.

But gang stalkers are like something that has escaped from hell. They ride rough shod over everyone blithely indifferent to the damage they leave in their wake. They destroy people’s peace. The noise pest who came to the first house we lived  in London played horrible music at incredibly loud volume. It did not affect us as we did not share a wall, but the tenant who did would go out on the landing and plead with him, virtually in tears, to turn the noise down. Where else could that man live? He was aleady living in the cheapest bedsit in the area. London is a hard enough environment to live in at the best of times without people deliberately making it worse. Gang stalkers manufacture chaos to profit from it. Like a pick pocket, they create a distraction, then run off with your dough. Two of the houses we lived in had fires, one on several occasions. What was that for? To intimidate the landlord and the neighbours? Is that why firemen are recruited? Why kill people’s pets? To show their contempt for life? Intimidation Mafia-style?

What have I seen so far. Gangstalkers criminally defame their targets – a common scene is a completely honest, moral working woman, who does charity work , being accused of prostitution, paedophilia, and if a carer, as many aging women often are, accused of abusing their dependent. Decent relationships between two trusting people are disrupted with lies that a spouse is acting sexually  inappropriately with someone. People in families are forced to betray a relative to protect another relative as in the film “Sophie’s Choice”. Betray a spouse to protect a child. Your father or your son. Your sister or your grandchildren. But complying only postpones the inevitable. Gang stalkers are not content until they have forced you to surrender everything and destroyed every value you hold dear.

So, back to my starting question. What kind of criminals are these? How do you define the nature of their crimes, carried out under the radar, in secret and grossly violating in the deepest most personal way the lives of their victims?



The Hidden Evil  by Mark Rich (kindle)

Organised Gang Stalking  by Bonnie Lee Calcagno

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