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Are you a woman who wishes to control your own life? You obey the laws, you live carefully, you get an education, you aspire to a good job which pays a wage sufficient to support you in a safe area. But it isn’t happening. You experience inexplicable interference, meddling and harassment at school/college/university. You only seem to meet people who are bad for you. You are blocked from progressing educationally. You can’t get work, but when you do the job is so awful you wish you hadn’t taken it. You are bullied at work and your work equipment keeps breaking/ going missing. At home you have the neighbours from hell who make quite unnecessary noise, non- stop. You move, but it starts up again at the next place. Complete strangers look at you in an odd way. People imply that you are a prostitute. You have a relationship with a guy from hell and it takes years, leaving your job and a lot of money you can’t spare, to get away.

Well, here’s news for you. It isn’t bad luck, nor accidental. 

The majority of targets of gang/organised/vigilante/community stalking are women just like yourself. 

More information on exposegangstalking, targeted-individuals and taknbsorbemwon5.wordpress