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The model of gang stalking is this. A handful of puppet masters. A huge army of puppets (the stalkers), and a relatively small number of Targets. The reason for the ratio is this . The Target Bait is used to recruit hundreds of people. 

Curiously, there are only three sets of free, autonomous people in this set up. The controllers, the Target Baits and people who have yet to be inculcated.

The puppets are gagged puppets. They are also bound. When they start to suspect they have been recruited on the basis of lies to something they would never have consented to if they had known the truth, the threat of prison hangs over them if they speak out.

It is in the controllers interests to keep the recruits duped for as long as possible. They need to keep the stalkers believing the lies about the targets are true – that the targets really are dangerous criminals/terrorists/mentally unbalanced. 

Cognitive dissonance is the Recruiters enemy and the Targets ally.

The stalkers are led to believe that the criminals they are surveilling in the privacy of their own homes are unaware of the surveillance. Undercover surveillance, right? So you draw attention to the presence of the stalkers – creating cognitive dissonance. Fightgangstalking on his site posted a photo of a large poster with fightgangstalking written on it, which a follower had placed in his window. How does the “spy” lurking in the bushes feel about that? He has been told he is watching a criminal. The window he is looking at is telling him what is actually happening, something which the controllers wish to keep hidden. And it is drawing attention to the practice, and the reality, in the vicinity. And why would a criminal deliberately draw attention to himself?

On the same principle, when I go out I wear a Union Jack/St George Cross t-shirt with the words targeted-individuals (Army Veterans) written on. Also other concepts the controllers don’t want the recruits to think about like vigilantes, cults and con artists. Would an Irish terrorist wear a Union Jack or the red hand of Ulster? I am suddenly not surrounded by ejits in cafés telling me what I had for breakfast forty years ago.

A K Forwood thinking along the lines that stalking is a money making racket proposed the quite plausible theory that concealed cameras in the privacy of our rooms is to supply intimate material for Big Brother/porn type web sites. I wondered why the light in my shower room was blindingly bright. If so, then presenting highly visible images which the controllers would not want brought to their customers attention around the room is a good idea and also easy. I now display my books with the covers revealed – Snitch Culture, Bent Coppers, Stolen Honor and a Man’s Life Destroyed, whatever.

Being targeted, possibly being set up for a crime you did not commit, or commitment to a mental institution, or unexpected death/disappearance, takes away any point in trying to live a private life. You have already lost that. Giving the stalkers publicity they don’t want undermines their control. Tell everyone your address (not the house number), likewise all your previous addresses where you were living when you were being stalked, and list the places where you worked along with the dates.  It helps to expose and embarrass the stalkers. They can’t deny they weren’t doing something which they also argue is not happening. It is not a crime to give a blow by blow account of your life history. What is Facebook for?

Finally Terry Wagar on a note on EP on corrupt police methods makes the point that the result of the ongoing psychological abuse makes the targets act in a nervous, suspicious manner which confirms the puppet masters lies that the target is a shifty character radiating guilt. Totalitarians are also noted as lacking a sense of humour. Sherlock, who appears to be a talented driver gives hilarious accounts of leading her car stalkers in circles and getting them caught up blind allies, and drives away laughing. 

Fortunately I come equipped with a broad and outrageous sense of humour and I can’t help it – the absurd tickles me – all that reading of Science Fiction and Kafka when young.  I never expected to end up living it. 

You are not supposed to be relaxed, happy, enjoying life or whatever it is that you do. I love humour – Shawn of the Dead has got to be the funniest film ever made and something every target could identify with. I am fortunate that the Yorkshire people are among the friendliest and most light-hearted people in the world. And I chat and joke merrily with them wherever I go – I know they have been recruited. But they are just human beings after all. Nobody told them that Nazi’s are in charge.