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In fact, it is impossible to know, because of the way gang stalking operates.  However there is an excellent site http://www.ExposeGangStalkiing.com which mentions behaviours which indicate that you are dealing with a perp. On the checklist I have experienced the following from a relative.


In an interview with a financial advisor, who knew more about my family than I had told her, when I mentioned my relative’s gaslighting behaviour towards me, she quickly deflected the conversation.

Their Stories Keep Changing

First the relative was unemployed, then she had a job, then she didn’t have a job, she was self-employed, then she had a job. This occurred within a time frame of one year and a half.  Over the same period she was divorcing from her husband, who seemed very much in evidence, even though she said she was leaving him some two years previously. Then she had a boyfriend. Then she had another boyfriend.  Then the boyfriend stories ended.  It seemed as if she was living on her own throughout.

Truth and Manipulation, Ridicule, Tough Questions

I believe this relative was responsible for slandering me to other people.  At the time I was having an arthritis flare-up and had difficulty moving. When a Doctor came to the house to see another relative, and I with difficulty got off the sofa to walk across the room, the other relative said the doctor looked at me with a strange look on her face as if she thought – what is she playing at?

At one point I got fed up with her lies and general balderdash, and challenged her lies. She responded like a trained athlete.  She denied, she excused, she altered her story, she pretended to be upset, she tried the moral blackmail stunt – what have I ever done to you for you to abuse me this way. When I refused to be deflected, she suddenly stopped and accused me of being mad.

Quality of Life/New Job

Out of nowhere she has a new job and is driving an executive car.

Try and Set You Up

At a time when I was short of money she suddenly arrives and offers me a job, but I have to start it the next day. The job is to babysit two boys aged between 10 and 13 as their mother has to leave the house early to go to work. I visit the flat which is in a building at the back of a large house near a park. Nice and quiet. Feeling something was not quite right I agreed, but early in the morning, about 4am I woke up, this was about 2 hours before the job was to start, and my mind was racing.  I considered what I knew. I hadn’t asked the relative for help in finding a job. The job offer was rather too timely and it offered perfect hours and wages for my circumstances. The flat was in an out of the way location. The boys did not get up until I had been at the house for an hour earlier. It spelled one thing. Ambush. This was a perfect location for some kind of attack. The boys might not even be there. I considered my options. The boys were old enough to get themselves up and out to school, they were not very young children, and also it was clear this was something they were able to do. I phoned up at 6am pleading sickness, and apologising profusely for letting the lady down. That should have been the end of it. But later in the day I went out to the local supermarket and met the relatives son with another relative childminding. I was surprised as he should have been at school. The childminder explained that the boy was ill. But he didn’t look sick. He looked scared. I concluded that indeed a trap had been laid, and when I had failed to walk into it the relative was punished by it being taken out on her son. A few weeks later when I was babysitting for the boy he asked  how many times I had baby sat for his friends. I answered no times. It looks like he also was putting two and two together.

And it is rather a coincidence that a writer in Canada can describe so accurately how a relative behaved towards me, when I live in England.