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The world is changing. The buzz word is globalisation. On all sides we are being messaged that globalisation is coming, it’s on the way, and nothing can stop it. Globalisation is a juggernaut which will roll over national boundaries, destroy nationhood, and bring us into a new era of world peace and prosperity.  Just like what’s happened in Europe.

Well, I never was one much for fairy tales,  even a school age kid can dream up a Utopia. But going on history, too many of those wonderful dreams by quite intelligent and well meaning men, turned out to be hell on earth in practice. 

In the mean time, before this heaven on earth is brought about, most people (that is anyone not belonging to the ruling elite) in Western countries are finding drastic changes to their quality of life – in the downward direction. Just as everything becomes more expensive, everything gets worse.  Job security has been torpedoed. Wages are stagnant or falling. Work conditions are cut,  we are expected to work harder for less and will have to wait longer for reduced pensions. That is enough to annoy just about everybody in the country. 

But while all this is going on our leadership holds out the dream that in some undefined future, everything is going to be better. Remove national identity, then there will be no cause for wars. Remove national boundaries, and allow free movement of labour over the entire world, then poor people can all better their lives by migrating to the relatively rich Western countries, and work hard to make better lives for themselves. Good for them. And the rest of us will also have to work as hard as people from third world nations, for as little pay, living in as bad conditions. Hold on. What is going on here.  Does any person in a position of power think that Western people are just going to lie down and take this?

They know what they are doing, and why. Take national boundaries away, remove national boundaries, and in the process quietly abolish democracy, and the very wealthy people at the top of the pile can become even more wealthy. You mustn’t be racist. This is equal opportunity exploitation. 

But just in case dollar signs in their eyes, no harm to introduce a few pre-emptive measures to ensure that the population does not rise in revolt against being reduced to the level of serfs for the neo-feudal overlords.  Dismantle democracy. Abandon rule of law. Adopt cultural practices from peasant societies where the poor, the homeless, the disabled, the different, are free targets for abuse, neglect and attack from anybody in society. But how do you undermine civilised behaviour and values? Destroy Christianity with its humanitarian ethos. Put everyone under surveillance, paying close attention to the intelligent, the moral, the democratic, the freedom lovers, know who they are before the situation reaches boiling point. And you have to retrain people out of their morality, decency, compassion, sense of fair play, sense of justice, love, affiliation, security, humanity – happiness.

Peoples virtues are a weapon that can be turned against them. Community values, love of country, respect for law. Suddenly there is a dangerous terrorist in your midst. Someone who is mentally unstable. Along comes your saviour, in the shape of a person oozing authority, and clandestine knowledge. Only you can save mankind – yes, you. All you have to do is ensure that this person is watched 24/7, everywhere they are – you know, like that fun tv show Big Brother. Be ready at no notice to drop what you are doing and we will tell you what to say, what to do. And here is some helpful advice while we are here to improve the financial take from your business. And of course you must be diligent.

Softly softly catchee monkee. Before you know it the majority of the populace, the large middle class and large working class are locked in conflict with each other, chained together with lies. Divide and rule always works. The working class people are harassed and sabotaged onto the street. The middle class people are working like slaves. Hooray. We haven’t even got to the new globalised Utopia, but we have achieved our objective. The serfs have learnt their place in the new world, (although some haven’t figured it out yet). You are either filthy rich ruling class, their slave, or destitute and dying in the gutter to the kicks of the police and the scorn of random passers by.  Well, he deserved it didn’t he.