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As a Target you start to become more aware of the people in your vicinity, you can’t help it as people act in odd ways. I have been a child avoider my entire life. My aversion to children started in childhood and didn’t change as I grew older.  So I notice when children are in my vicinity, especially when it is in school hours and they should be at school.

Harrogate is a small town and in a relatively isolated rural setting, which means I am isolated too as I can’t drive. Up till recently I mainly used computers at the library, but as a Target your computer use is interfered with and I thought I would be in a better position to access computers which were not being monitored/tweaked if I lived somewhere more central such as Bradford, which has several other towns  and libraries with computers close by.

So I took a bus ride to Bradford to search out accommodation options. Being on my own I did not talk about that intention to anyone. In that creepy way that only Targeted individuals experience ( ever feel you had walked onto the set of The Stepford Wives?) when I get to the bus station my stalker-of-the day was already waiting for me at the stand for the Bradford buses. A boy. Very skinny with white hair and dressed in grey, my favourite colour. Because Bradford is further away than local bus journeys and the buses are infrequent no-one else got on. I went straight to the back of the bus and the boy remained at the front of the bus at the rail near the driver. And there he remained, still, silent and standing for the entire 20 mile/hour long journey even though the bus was largely empty and there were plenty of seats. Naturally, this was in term time and during school hours, and as the boy looked aged about 10 perhaps a bit on the young side to be travelling entirely alone.  I saw him later again in Harrogate when he suddenly stepped out of a shop directly in front of me.

There was something odd about this, so it remained clear in my memory, and it was then that the children started appearing in the library when I used the computers. Again, in term time, and during school hours, a boy (a different one) would come and sit directly beside me when I was on the computer, even though there were plenty of other empty terminals. After this happened several times, and children started dashing past me on the street (the demographic in Harrogate is top professional and retired, not a high percentage of children)  I decided I did not like the look of this – or how this was being made to look – so I got an ipad with a cheap contract and now use the computer mainly from home. But I also noticed something odd about the children being placed too close to me at the library. When you see children with their parents at the library – how do normal children behave? They fidget, they move about, even when they are not whining – I am bored, when are we going – their body language is an on-going signal that they don’t want to be there. But the children in the library, the ones who were moved into my vicinity with a parent, did not act like this. They were not only unnaturally quiet, they were unnaturally still. (Think Stepford Children).

What made me focus , not merely on children being in my vicinity when they should’nt have been there but on their robotic like behaviour, was a rather hysterical comment a follower made to me when I commented, there was no point in retaliating against the people stalking you, as they were just puppets, you wanted to get the puppet masters. I received a rant about “cutting the heads off puppets” and what did I mean by that. I hadn’t a clue what he was talking about. Finally he calmed down and told me that  this was a technique used to deliberately cause dissociative (multiple) personalities by child programmers.  And I put two and two together. That would explain it. The children weren’t coming across like normal children. They seemed programmed.  And just yesterday I came across a site on the Illuminati, sites I normally avoid because of their nutty connotations, but I was also researching cults at the time, and the headline was someone had belonged to the cult of the Illuminati and had got away, and was now going public about their methods. As I read the account, I felt a chill. The cult escapee described how children were conditioned, by torture, into having multiple personalities, for the purpose of managing and maximising exploitation of them – for child pornography and as sex slaves.

The sites if you are interested are

goldenageofgaia.com./accountability “How Do the Illuminati Make Money?” and http://www.whale./to/b/svaliaal.html “Chapter One: An Overview of the Illuminati – Whale” But if you type Illuminati – methods and how they make money I am sure you will find things of interest.
Now don’t ask me if the Illuminati exist or not. It is a conspiracy theory, right? Like the existence of gang stalking is a conspiracy theory. We are all in the dark here, about everything. That is the trouble with being a Target, you are damned short of evidence and are forced to use guesswork when you would rather not. But whether the Illuminati exist or not, some things are indisputable facts. That sex slavery including use of children is a huge multi-billion dollar world wide criminal business. Methods of conditioning children for this kind of exploitation are known, and it is known multiple personalities do occur in young children when they are traumatised. The methods described on these sites are highly credible, and the money and power motive are standard for cults and any criminal enterprise, which are also quite happy to exploit the exploitable if there is money in it.
In the area I live, in general the Yorkshire people are a lovely people, good, honest and warm hearted. Most children here are enjoying happy childhoods. And they act like children – fidgeting, talking, interrupting, jumping from one subject/activity to another, smiling, giggling , laughing, chattering and occasionally being a real pain in the neck. Normal children don’t carry a heavy aura of silence about them, remain unnaturally still. Are expressionless. And these odd children keep turning up in my vicinity when they should be at school. Something unnatural is happening, (as with gang stalking). I just don’t know who is behind it.