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A major difficulty that targeted indvduals have is identifying what is happening to them. Over the years I made several attempts to uncover why it appeared my reputation was being trashed everywhere I went and people who did not know me knew about things that had happened to me that I hadn’t talked to anyone about.

Among the most helpful were Freedom of Information, and although on their advice I contacted the University I had attended to find out if they had something incorrect in my records, the University merely confirmed my academic record.  However, after talking to FOI, I had a Criminal Records Check done on myself which confirmed that I had no criminal record. Both letters, to my complete bafflement, I later found had gone “missing” when I moved house.  Obviously I would have kept them  in case they were needed.

I only discovered “gangstalking” this year after bizarre behaviour from a relative caused me to contact Wikipedia Reference Desk to see if anyone had an explanation for the outrageous behaviour. (Basically, everything I said, she would assert the opposite. As she is managerial class, and I am not, every time  she opened her mouth, I was made out to be a liar. I believe she also removed documents from my flat when I was out, and the next day sent me a text asking if she could have them).  And other personal papers, regarding my family history and some writing I had done years ago, had gone missing.

Wiki told me the behaviour was “gaslighting” and further mentioned “mobbing”  When I researched these, everything fell into place.


My other attempt to discover what had been going on was when I came to Harrogate 3 years ago, and for the first time had easy access to computers. So naturally I made on line searches to see if anyone else had experienced this, and what ideas they had for how to deal with it. I searched using the words “state sponsored persecution”. Google provided over 6 milllion responses but all seemed to apply to 3rd world countries or were historical. As I whittled these down using the advanced search I still had 6000 and couldn’t narrow the search anymore. I came up with ONE reference of state sponsored persecution for this country (UK), on Wrong Planet, a site for Aspergers.


The lady writing under the handle Pianorak described a classical gangstalked family’s circumstances. She was Asperger and naturally was  using the site to try and find out what was happening, and if anyone else was experiencing the same thing. She describes bureaucratic harassment and stonewalling occurring over decades, including financial attacks – losing her earned pension and being denied welfare payments she was entitled to; denial of health care and legal services; inertia from the police and everyone else she complained to; dishonesty and swindling from companies she dealt with; vandalism of her property sabotage of her utilities and abuse everywhere she went.

She also fits the classic target profile, of female, someone who had left an abusive relationship, very intelligent, university degree, moral and also belonging to a category of people in society who are frequently misunderstood.  For the record, people on the autistic spectrum are MORE honest  than normal people. As you might deduce from their tendency to be literal.

I enter the discussion fairly late as “Wiliamson” as we try and figure out what is going on. The conversation closes, and some months later I do find what is going on, and go back to the site to leave an explanation, but it appears she has left it.

It is worth a look – one wonders how many other people are presently being gang stalked and also can’t figure out what is happening.


http://www.Wrong Planet.net/

“state sponsored persecution”