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The following information was taken from Chapter 5   “Entrapment in International Negotiation” by Paul Meerts on the graduate institute site

The Nazis used entrapment methods on the Jews to induce one section of Jews to assist in the deportation of other Jews. They achieved this by dividing the Jewish community into differently treated groups. The more privileged groups were persuaded to assist in the deportation of members of the other groups, to save themselves.

(Very cost effective making your victims do the work for you! )

Paul Meerts said

“these collaborators, who were often well intentioned, found themselves in an increasingly difficult position as a result of their collaboration. The deeper they became involved in the process, the more difficult it became for them to extricate themselves.”


Why abandon a method that has been proven to work?  The Recruiters follow the bait, lie to the prospective recruit in order to get his cooperation, then follow it up with requests to carry out acts of an increasing unconventional, immoral and illegal nature. By the time the recruit has realised that he has been conned he has committed crimes which have legal penalties. 

So, whoever is behind gangstalking, we know this about them – they are happy to use Nazi methods.