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Surveillance 24/7
especially at the targeted individuals home
(So much for privacy and the right to private life trumpeted from our showcase politicians)

Again I’ve considered the seeming irrationality of the gang stalkers behaviour in subjecting the target Bait to continuous scrutiny in the privacy of their own home. What could be the purpose of this?

Bear in mind the Target Bait is the secondary target. The primary target is the gangstalking recruit. The major purpose of any gangstalking action is to control and indoctrinate the gangstalker. To keep them continuously busy and tied up with the target and to keep them distracted by their actions with the target from the main purpose of gang stalking – which is to control THEM.

How is the mind of the gangstalker altered in the process of constantly watching the Bait in the privacy of their own home?

Firstly, the very act of surveillance breaks a strong social norm, that everyone is entitled to privacy. Under normal conditions people have privacy and can take it for granted. The only type of people who invade others privacy in this act of very intimate spying are normally criminals or social deviants. Voyeurs, sex perverts, mentally imbalanced people with various types of mental disorder or deficiency, peeping toms, criminals staking out a future victim, and the most sinister and unaccountable group – spies.

It is not usual for normal people to be subjected to 24 hour surveillance, and especially not in the privacy of their own homes. The type of people who are subject to 24 hour surveillance belong in the following caategories; dangerous/serious criminals; the dangerously insane; mental defectives; criminals being watched in case they commit a crime; criminals being spied on for the gathering of evidence; children; the immoral/exhibitionists who don’t mind carrying on the personal acts necessary for life under the view of strangers – moral deviants.

The process of watching helps to program the gangstalkers mind to the view that the person watched, needs to be watched. (Where conditioning is concerned, actions speak much louder than words. People who carry out the act have to rationalise their own behaviour).But surveillance is a boring and degrading activity for the person doing it. It stokes resentment, which naturally then becomes directed at the Target Bait. The immorality of the behaviour in the watcher is part of the process of destroying the gangstalker’s normal social conditioning, debasing them morally.

The dehumanisation of the Target Bait as human practice and many historical examples demonstrate is the first step in the total destruction of the Targeted Individual.
As with the Jews who as a class were targeted in Nazi Germany, or the Blacks in the Deep South of the USA, the first step of defamation (those people are criminals, mental defectives, immoral, like animals) justifies further and increasingly worse attacks. Defamation leads to social exclusion, hostility in the street, which leads to attack in the home, which leads to ghettoisation (under surveillance the Target Bait is ghettoised in his/her own home), justifies attack and betrayal of all and every kind, because the Target Bait deserves it. The Target Baits are also made scapegoats in the process – the traditional role of scapegoat (in ancient times an actual goat, symbolically loaded with the crimes of the community) to be loaded with all the sin of the community, then cast out to die.

The social purpose of such activity to keep the main populace strictly under the control of the ruling group by directing their resentment onto hapless and harmless individuals, instead of directed upwards to the ruling group who are the direct cause of their problems.

The gang stalkers are the real dupes – the enslaved cult members who are indoctrinated with the world view and behaviour which their controllers want to see enforced.

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