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As a Targeted Individual, your position is made dificult by the fact that you can only speculate what is going on. Like the victim of gossip, you will be the last person who is told what is happening. However, I think it is not only the Targets who are being kept in the dark, but those that the Gangstalking Recruiters, recruit to do their dirty work.

The Targeted individual is subjected to wholesale gaslighting. But the perpetrators don’t know what they are doing, or why they are doing it either.

In common with cults, the recruited gangstalkers are recruited on the basis of lies, that the person they are tormenting is a criminal of some kind, and the actions they are required to carry out, completely bonkers – which is standard for the gaslighting procedure, are being carried out for public benefit.  What they don’t realise is that they are being indoctrinated, and distracted from the real purpose.

So, what is the real purpose? I can only speculate, but what is clear is that taken at face value, gangstalking is a completely senseless, though abhorrent activity. Any reasonable person listening to a Targeted Individual’s complaints would rightly ask in complete bafflement – why should anyone, let alone a whole group of people go out of their way, to spend their time harassing you? What would be the point? Just so. And the Targeted Individual, like any victim of gaslighting, is made to look a fool, or delusional.

I can only go on my experience of what is happening around me, and make a guess at what is going on. Of course gangstalking, from the Target’s point of view, as well as being nasty, is also ridiculous, but I can see reasons why it is engaged in.

Take my experience. I now live in Harrogate, a low crime area, and as civilised a town in England you could hope to find. It is always rated as one of the best places to live in England. But not for long if the gangstalkers get their way. Since I have moved here my stalkers have followed me engaging in criminal defamation, telling everyone I meet that I am some kind of criminal, and those people have been recruited, believing that they are helping law and order, and protecting their community.  In fact I am not a criminal, have not comitted any crime, have no criminal record, have never been tried for anything, have never received medication for a medical problem nor ever been in a psychiatric institution.  If I had, I imagine, having been released, my human rights would protect me from arbitrary persecution from my community. All these people as follows have been recruited on false pretences, on the basis of lies. My landlords/estate agents, medical staff, my banks, library staff, workers in all the retail premises I visit, and owners of cafes and restaurants. Now this is a sizeable number of people who now feel that when  I am in their premises, they must engage in absurd behaviour like deliberately delaying serving me or taking an inordinate amount of time over it, banging objects around like a toddler having a tantrum, and in cafes either serving me small portions or second hand food.  By the way I also note that the prices of the shops I use have all jumped more than one would expect under normal inflation.  So what is it all for? I am just one person, an ordinary Jill Bloggs, and now Harrogate is dancing to a mad Pied Piper’s tune, and I fear they will all be led over a cliff.

All these people are now in the pockets of the gang stalkers Recruiters. They are expected to engage in bizarre behaviour which falls outside normal social norms. They are encouraged to participate in illegal activities and trounce the values customarily associated with their jobs. Further, as I seem to have the status of the towns bogeyman, a climate of fear has been deliberately engendered.  Fear, primarily against me. Secondarily against the Recruiter’s themselves, because I believe that most of the good people here, and they are good people, I am not mocking them, do not wish to have anything to do with these perverse activities. By climate of fear I mean literaly. A few weeks ago when I was having lunch in a pub in Knaresborough, I waited a long time to be served even though the pub was not busy. The guy behind the bar engaged in quite a lot of gratuitous hammering for no discernible purpose. A group at a table nearby talked loudly about terrorists (I have an Irish accent), and when my meal was finally served, well, it did not look fresh.  A week after that there was a bomb scare in Knaresbourough. Turned out to be a hoax. What is a normal, ordinary person to think?

As another Target pointed out in another blog that when gangstalkers move into an area the area goes downhill. Noise nuisance increases, anti-social behaviour increases, crime increases, people become fearful. In Harrogate the library was giving out small purse bells to protect against pickpockets. What pickpockets? Unless the gang stalkers are doing it or making false claims (making false claims is what they are good at). I checked the crime statistics for this area. There were no thefts reported until the last three months, then there were 3, and 3 and 3 each month. Hardly a crime spree, but the fear of crime has been hyped up.

No, it is not just me. Something very very sinister is going on.