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Years ago I was visiting an elderly friend in a Quaker Nursing Home.  As 7pm arrived she said “Listen”. I listened then I felt the feeling which is like a wave in the sea, the feeling you get in Meeting.  The lady explained to me that every evening at 7pm everyone in the home prayed or meditated for fiteen minutes.  I thought, how wonderful.  You don’t have to be in the same physical place to join in a community of prayer.

Recently a blogger on this site reminded me of the power of faith.  And I realised that Targeted Individuals the world over can join in a community of prayer  for 15 minutes, every evening at 7pm.  Collective prayer is more powerful than indiviudual prayer. Perhaps you have no religious beliefs so you think there is no point.  God/gods exist and the power of prayer do not depend on your belief for their existence/effectiveness.

In a Quaker Meeting no-one is told how to pray or what to pray for. And meditation is accepted. Prayer/meditation is a completely personal act.

You could spend that 15 minutes unburdening yourself of the days stresses. If you are short of ideas I use Psalms 140 and 141 as my prayer.  I also pray for the happiness, protection and forgiveness of those I love and those who love me,  and the defeat and failure of my enemies.  So that the evil of gang stalking will be exposed and brought to an end.

It is up to you.

Seven pm.


“May all who gloat over my distress be put to shame and confusion”

from Psalm 35, NIV Gideon