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When the targeted individual, the innocent bait, moves to a new area, they contact estate/letting agents to get accommodation.  Soon after those people will be approached by someone posing in some official capacity suggesting the target is some kind of criminal and requesting cooperation.  Most people will gladly give cooperation in the public interest – they do not know they have been told lies and have taken the bait. The gang stalker organiser now “has the foot in the door” and the person cooperating  now finds they are trapped into helping with any further requests the gang stalker makes.

The recruit is now subject to the same process the targeted individual has been subjected to.  Their life will be minutely examined for any legal or any other irregularity which can be used for leverage.  In London, many estate agents/letting agents  are to a degree implicated in housing swindles in which landlords charge inflated rents, knowing Housing Benefit will pay, which leads to greater commissions for the estate/letting agents.  Council tenants have their rent paid, but it causes problems for ordinary working people to afford these escalated rents, so many working tenants falsely claim Housing Benefit, with the knowledge, if not complicity of the landlord/estate/letting agent who also derive financial benefits.  From this situation the gang stalking organiser has everyone over a barrel, as most will be implicated in fraud.  So they will cooperate.

Once the gang stalking organiser has leverage over the estate/letting agents/landlords, they instigate maximising the monetary take from the situation.  They will encourage the landlords to upgrade their properties so as to maximise the rent.  Also arrange utility payments to increase income from this (like setting the electricity meter with a hefty standing charge).  This is perfectly legal.

The gang stalking organisers now have effective control over who gets accommodation in the properties run by the estate/letting agents/landlords.  They can deliberately place anti-social tenants into multiple occupancy addresses so as to induce long term tenants to leave.

But the major goal is to get hold of the property itself.

I believe the activities of gangstalkers in London is one of the processes by which the cost of living in London is jacked up to the highest level.  Gang stalkers are in it for wealth and power.