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Because of official denial of gang stalking, and evident massive corruption of gang stalking sites where targets try to get information and tell what is happening to them, there is no objective way at present to determine who is being gang stalked, who are the targeted groups?  What is clear is that targets are low status (so that lies told about them will be believed) and are NOT criminals nor crazy,  as such people are unstable and unpredictable when subjected to abuse.

As I read more and more sites different theories present.  Some suggest that ethnic groups are targeted most, others women, single women and gay women, – basically the usual subjects for society’s abuse – blacks, women and gays.    In other words, racism, sexism and homophobia haven’t gone away.  They are now dealt with in secret, by vigilante stalkers either organised by police or other authorities or with their cooperation. (If you started a vigilante group do you think the police/authorities would do nothing?)