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The targeted individual will be chosen as someone who is lower class (therefore lies told about them will be believed), and NOT a criminal nor crazy.   A harassed criminal may retaliate and the police will be called and they will be arrested, bringing an end to the procedure.  A crazy, also could react in an unpredictable way, so exposing the situation.

The target will have been harassed into moving from another area and they have to live somewhere.  So they will approach a landlord/estate agent/letting agent.  Whoever the target contacts, after they have moved in the landlord/ estate agent will be approached by someone who implies they represent some official authority – and they will then make allegations that the target is a criminal or some other immoral/trouble maker, and ask for cooperation in dealing with them.  That person, believing they are assisting authority will gladly give their cooperation, not realising that they are being told lies.  The target is not a criminal, or anything else, but they are being used as bait.  Once they have given their co-operation that one time, they are hooked. The gang stalkers have their foot in the door.  When the target moves on, the gangstalkers will remain, asking for co-operation and help in other ways.  The gangstalkers now have influence/control over people who are in a position to give or withhold accommodation.

Say the landlord/estate agent is responsible for letting out a multiple-occupancy household.  Once the target is moved in they can then see to it that anti-social tenants move in to the same address.  Noise pests.  Prostitutes.  Drug dealers. They can prevent ordinary people from moving in.   From here on the gangstalkers will control who gets accommodation through those landlords/letting agents/estate agents even after the first target has left.  And this is the object of the exercise.  To get control over these resources.