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Gang stalking is spread by targeted individuals being used as bait. The target is harassed everywhere they go, by noisy anti-social neighbours, by lies, slander and rumours spread about them, and vandalism of their property and work materials. When the harassment gets too great, they might be forced to leave their home and their job and relocate to another area – where the harassment continues.

So, what is the purpose? The purpose is to recruit. The Target, the Bait, must make contact with new landlords/letting agents/estate agents, bank staff, medical staff, employers and work colleagues – all of whom will now be approached with carefully orchestrated lies about the target/bait. The lie will be chosen which will do most to make the target appear a despicable person to the person lied to, and most likely to bring about the prospective gang stalkers support. All these people will be happy to cooperate, believing that they are helping law enforcement, and protecting their local community from a criminal/immoral influence. But they are the ones being duped as the target/bait is not a criminal.

Once recruited, these people are in a strong position to affect peoples lives – prevent them from getting employment or accommodation. They have access to hundreds of peoples confidential records which can be lost or altered.

The people recruited to carry out the VIGILANTE stalking/harassment are the real targets of the criminal gang stalking cult. 

They will be encouraged to commit crimes, many white collar.

These are self-funding operations. Anyone in the vicinity with resources – owning a house or having savings, will be seperated from their assets to fund the operations.

More information on gang stalking can be found on the sites exposegangstalking and targeted-individuals.