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I was stalked and slandered when I was a student at Ulster University (Coleraine) from 1976. I was rejected in my application for post-graduate before I took my finals. Up till then I had been getting high grades.

The stalking and slander continued when I lived at International House (Selly Oak, Birmingham) 1985.

I was stalked and slandered while working at Balham Sorting and Delivery Office (Sth London) up until 2011. I lived at three addresses in London. The first, for seven years, was  Laitwood Road, Balham. All the tenants moved out when an IRA man moved in. The second address we occupied for six months,  Cavendish Road until a fire occurred in the flat above. The third address was  Balham High Road where we lived for 10 years, until the rent became too high.

I now live in Harrogate and the stalking and slander continue.