Maltese Investigative Blogger Killed in Car Bomb

Intel Today

The best way to think of Daphne Caruana Galizia is as a one-woman WikiLeaks, crusading against untransparency and corruption in Malta, an island nation famous for both. To John Dalli, a former European commissioner whom she helped bring down in a tobacco lobbying scandal, Galizia is “a terrorist.” To opposition MPs, she’s a political force of nature, one who fortunately has her guns aimed at the other side of the aisle. “She single-handedly brought the government to the verge of collapse,” says one MP. “The lady has balls,” says another.

Denise Nestor — POLITICO

Daphne Caruana Galizia — 26 August 1964 – 16 October 2017

VALLETTA  – Daphne Caruana Galizia — Malta’s best-known investigative journalist — was killed on Monday (October 16 2017) when a powerful bomb blew up her car. Galizia was 53 and leaves a husband and three sons. Follow us on Twitter: @INTEL_TODAY

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The Mafia Capitale: Wiseguys, migrants, & Rome

eats shoots 'n leaves

The modern Italian state is one of the youngest in Europe, and though nominal unification was climaxed by the declaration of Rome as capital in 1871, the state we see today wasn’t completed until after World War I.

The fragmented nature of Italy in the 19th Century gave rise to a variety of criminal syndicates, the most famous being Sicily’s La Cosa Nostra, the Calabria-based Ndrangheta, and the Naples-based Camorra.

While American’s typically use the word mafia to mean the version of La Cosas Nostra brought to the United States by immigrants in the late 19th Century, the term is used more loosely in Italy to mean any criminal syndicate [thus, for example, the Ndrangheta is typically describe as a mafia].

The criminal case dominating Italian news media in recent months has been the prosecution of the Capitale Mafia, an organized crime syndicate responsible…

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Georgia sheriff, deputies indicted after body searches of 900 high school students

The Secular Jurist

The sound system squawked at 8 a.m., just as the school day was revving up at Worth County High School. The campus was now on lockdown, the announcement said. Neither the teachers nor students at the south Georgia school knew what was going on.

For the next four hours, 40 uniformed officers — the entire staff of the Worth County Sheriff’s Office — fanned through the school in Sylvester, ordering students against the walls of classrooms and hallways, demanding the kids hand over their cellphones.

All 900 students were searched, part of a drug sweep ordered by Sheriff Jeff Hobby.

He did not have a warrant.

Continue reading:  Georgia sheriff, deputies indicted after body searches of 900 high school students

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Power Corrupts: A Culture of Compliance Breeds Despots and Predators

Battlefield America - A Government of Wolves


“All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible.”― Frank Herbert

Power corrupts.

Worse, as 19th-century historian Lord Acton concluded, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about a politician, an entertainment mogul, a corporate CEO or a police officer: give any one person (or government agency) too much power and allow him or her or it to believe that they are entitled, untouchable and will not be held accountable for their actions, and those powers will eventually be abused.

We’re seeing this dynamic play out every day in communities across America.

A cop shoots an unarmed citizen for no credible reason and gets away with it. A president employs executive orders to sidestep the Constitution and gets away with it. A government agency spies on its citizens’ communications and gets…

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The British Establishment Is Putting Our Lives At Risk With Its Support For Saudi Arabia

Stop Making Sense

Mark Curtis, author of Secret Affairs and Web of Deceit, writes:

Image result for The British Establishment Is Putting Our Lives At Risk With Its Support For Saudi ArabiaThe country is in shock after the worst terrorist attack in 12 years. The deranged extremist who detonated the bomb bears sole responsibility for the outrage and is not a soldier – for Islam or whoever – but a murderer. The Manchester suicide bombing is an act of barbarism inflicted on entirely innocent people.

This wave of terrorism driven by Islamic State, which has claimed responsibility for the attack, derives from a complex infrastructure of forces, working over time. But it springs ultimately from the ideology promoted by the ruling family in Saudi Arabia, Wahhabism, who were at least until recently funding and backing IS: they have done so to support their goal of overthrowing Assad in Syria and championing Sunni Islam in the face of rivalry with Iran. These are Britain’s allies. Whitehall has a deep, long-standing…

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Just another UFO Conspiracy Theory (War by Proxy)

Tales of Unwise Paths

“Is everything ready?”

“All the pieces are in place”.

The aliens relaxed in their office overlooking the city.  To the casual observer they were completely human, but inside their human shells clustered a honeycomb of cells, some empty, others occupied.  And each occupied cell contained a human soul. Elsewhere the owners of the souls were going about their daily lives, apparently normal, but their minds enslaved to the aliens’ bidding.

“How soon till the strike?” one asked, a slender finger stroking his handsome jaw.  He was a senior member of a state spy organisation.

“We have taken over key personnel in the government, spy agencies, police, military and media.  They are following our agenda.  We have instigated political instability in neighbouring Muslim lands, and made borders permeable. Migrants are providing protective cover in every city, town, village and rural area”.

“And the Muslim nations are co-operating?”

“Absolutely.  Their cultures’ condone…

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Porn Study Reveals A Lot About Teens – PORN HARMS – Children And Pornography

Reclaim Our Republic


Shelley Lubben

At the moment there are several government inquiries being held in Australia about porn, young people, and sexualisation. And overseas people are beginning to wake up to the very real dangers of pornography as well. For example, last month a Utah lawmaker introduced a bill to deal with the porn scourge. Here is how one news report covers the story:

A Utah state senator is taking a stand against pornography, blaming skin flicks for creating a “sexually toxic environment,” increasing the demand for prostitution and ruining families. Sen. Todd Weiler introduced his legislation on Friday, asking that the state recognize that porn is creating a public health hazard. He called for a reform to take on the “pornography epidemic that is harming the citizens of Utah and the nation.” The politician told the Daily News that…

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