Welfare Checks Turn Deadly: You Might Want To Think Twice Before Calling The Cops

Tales from the Conspiratum

“Anyone who cares for someone with a developmental disability, as well as for disabled people themselves [lives] every day in fear that their behavior will be misconstrued as suspicious, intoxicated or hostile by law enforcement.”

– Steve Silberman, The New York Times

Think twice before you call the cops to carry out a welfare check on a loved one.

Especially if that person is autistic, hearing impaired, mentally ill, elderly, suffering from dementia, disabled or might have a condition that hinders their ability to understand, communicate or immediately comply with an order.

Particularly if you value that person’s life.

At a time when growing numbers of unarmed people are being shot and killed for just standing a certain way, or moving a certain way, or holding something—anything—that police could misinterpret to be a gun, or igniting some trigger-centric…

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Review of 2018

Living In A Madhouse

What has changed over the past year?


Immigration to  the First World is the most important political issue. It remains very high, for example, net UK immigration  to June 2018 (the most up to date figures) shows net immigration to be  273,000.  That is worrying enough but it  does not tell anything like the  full immigration  story  because 625,000 was the total number of immigrants, i.e., the number people who actually came to live here,  the vast majority of whom were foreigners rather than British people returning after a period living abroad.  This means the UK is undergoing a radical and rapid. transformation of the nature of its population if this scale of replacement of native British people continues. If it does 6 million or so immigrants would arrive in the UK  over the next ten years.

What is happening to the UK is  being replicated throughout the West…

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The Citizen, The Serf

Seven Laws Blog UK

A claim was made that most of the people of Britain are not serfs, as I had said, but rather are citizens. This sort of argument can be made by an inhabitant of other countries: “I’m not a serf! I’m a citizen of country x!”

The question could be raised, where do I get off calling citizens “serfs?”

Well, I’ll explain why I maintain that a citizen is a serf or slave of some kind.

Now there are a number of aspects to the relationship between that entity called “government” and those deemed its citizens, its subjects. And that word “subject” is very important because it is still a term used for people under a government.

Law is created by government. A law is a command, an order, that government imposes upon people regardless of consent. It’s an involuntary imposition. It must be obeyed or else there is usually a…

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Time for a change

Citizens not serfs and associated sites has been on the net for 6 years now.  It has been a learning experience for me that I view as essential, but I have some other projects which I need to give priority, so for now I am going to cease blogging.

Many many thanks to followers and fellow bloggers, for their support and insights.

Implications of lost generation will be devastating for decades to come

Ireland after NAMA

Previously published in the Irish Examiner

AUSTERITY, unemployment, and the recession have affected some groups in our society more than others.

A generation of Irish youth has been, and remains, disproportionally impacted.

Almost 10% of our young people emigrated during the recession. That equates to over 30,000 young people, aged between 15 and 24, leaving each year.

Emigration has steadily worsened the longer the crisis has dragged on. Just under 20,000 Irish emigrated in 2009. This rose to 30,000 in 2010 and then reached over 50,000 in 2013. Some have questioned if this is actually “forced” emigration.

The Higher Education Authority has emphasised that not everybody emigrating is doing so because they have to and, in fact, the increasing employment of graduates overseas shows that the higher education system is producing graduates who are in “high demand” internationally.

Michael Noonan, the finance minister, also captured the views of the so-called…

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Finian Cunningham: Sex Trap-Servility Complex

Tales from the Conspiratum


Sipa Press/Rex Features

The US mainstream media have moved hastily to shut down the Epstein affair as a prison suicide. End of story. Move on. And anyone who doesn’t move on but instead challenges the official story is dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist”.

The paradox is that it is the critics and skeptics of the official narrative who have much more credibility. The establishment media are the ones who are peddling credulity and indulging in a conspiracy to conceal the need for a thorough investigation.

Remember these are the same news media who helped launch wars and military strikes on foreign countries based on deceitful conspiracies concerning “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq and alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria.

These are the same media who have been telling the world for the last two years that Russia hacked into US and European electoral systems…

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Facebook is building tech to read your mind. The ethical implications are staggering.

WebInvestigator.KK.org - by F. Kaskais

A woman equipped with a brain-computer interface that she is wearing as a bathing-suit-style cap on her head.
Brain-computer interfaces like the mindBEAGLE system shown here can help people with paralysis communicate. Facebook wants to take the technology to the next level. AP

Facebook wants to create a device that can read your mind — literally. It’s funding research on brain-machine interfaces that can pick up thoughts directly from your neurons and translate them into words, the company announced in a blog post last week.

The short-term goal is to help patients with paralysis, by decoding their brain signals and allowing them to “speak” their thoughts without ever having to move a muscle. That could be a real public good, significantly improving quality of life for millions of people. In the US alone, 5.4 million people currently live with paralysis.

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The Story of Britains Child Migrants

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Empty Cradles by Margaret Humpreys [6]

A most moving book. I cried about 20 times during reading the book.

It is the story of how Margaret, a social worker for Nottinghamshire County Council  gradually discovers the unpalatable truth that the British Government and childrens charities trafficked children as young as 4 to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Rhodesia.

It was part of a deliberate policy to rid Britain of the problem of full childrens homes,  paying for their upbringing as well as having the “benefit” of populating the Empire with young white blood. These children were transported as orphans, often with names and dates of birth altered so that their parents, who had often not agreed or even known about the theft of their children, would not be able to contact them and vice versa.

empty cradle

If you think that is stark, then add to the mix some emotional, physical and…

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