Minbiç women liberated from ISIS – their horror stories and their desperate appeal for aid


isis_women_3 A women slave market in ISIS territory

For more than two months there has been a relentless war in the area of Minbiç. Minbiç is strategically important as it connects Turkey with Raqqa, the headquarters of ISIS. The area is also important for the protection of the Kurdish province of Rojava. There is silence and ignorance on this war by the media, especially the tragedy of what has happened to women.
Civilians have been used as human shields by ISIS. Humanitarian support is only provided by the local authorities, which is not enough given the huge number of displaced persons. It is well-known that women and children are the ones who suffer the most in wars. In this war, though, the situation of women and children is even worse. ISIS began a special war against women, perceiving women and their bodies as dirty. Under ISIS, women are not evaluated as…

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Julian Assange’s Lawyer Found Dead After Being Struck by Train


Source: (Before It’s News)

John Jones 48, one of Britain’s  top human rights lawyers, and a representative for Julian Assange,
was killed last Monday, 15 August 2016, when he was struck by a commuter train.  The death is being called a suicide.

British Transport Police were called to the West Hampstead train station in North London at 7:07AM on Monday, after the report of a man struck by a train. He was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene and his death is not being treated as suspicious.

Jones worked on the same team as actor George Clooney’s wife, Amal. He specialized in extradition, war crimes and counter-terrorism. He was known for taking cases from the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Lebanon and Cambodia.

The news is particularly disturbing, as Democratic Strategist and CNNhost, Bob Beckel recently appeared in a FOXTV interview and called for the assassination of Julian Assange (or more accurately, “Just kill the sonofabitch!”)

Assange is believed to…

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If you are being framed as a paedophile best not have a day out with the kids

Secret Stalking Cult

The kids in question being my parents great-grand-children, my sister’s grandchildren.

I have been estranged from my sister for a lifetime.  With 6 years between us we did not have much in common as children.  When I was 1, she was seven.  When I was seven she was 13.  When I was thirteen she left home to go to teacher training college.

On top of that we were chalk and cheese.  She never stopped talking.  I am quiet.  I was interested in everything, providing it was active, creative or intelligent.  She was interested in – talking.  When I went to school I discovered other children were more like my sister – stupid, whiny, and talking non-stop garbage, than my parents, both rather quiet people but very intelligent, constructive and interesting.    At 7 I had concluded that there is no peace in a house with children in it, and spent…

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Sex work is not work


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Decriminalising the sex trade is touted as a means to empower women and rebrand a necessary service. This is utterly wrong

Kat Banyard is the founder of the campaign group UK Feminista and the author of The Equality Illusion (2011). Her latest book is Pimp State: Sex, Money and the Future of Equality (2016). 

How should governments respond to the prostitution trade? It’s a question laced with deep-rooted contests – over power, money and the pursuit of equality. But as organisations and advocates increasingly line up behind opposing answers, it’s a question that is becoming difficult to ignore. The fault lines are clear: recognise prostitution as work or as abuse; either see it as compatible with feminism or irredeemably sexist. Accept it, or work to end it.

One policy prescription currently gathering weight as the ‘progressive’response to the sex trade is full decriminalisation. Championed by institutions such as UNAIDS…

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What Is A War On Terrorism, Anyway?


Obama PeaceWhat is the United States “War on Terrorism?” Answer: A Bush Administration propaganda term.  What was the “War on Poverty?” Answer: A Johnson Administration propaganda term. The two share other qualities as well, both have been corrupt, both have been ruinously costly and both have failed in their stated purposes. Add to those, both are ongoing after more than two decades for terrorism and more than five decades for poverty.

While President Bush conveniently never clearly defined victory over terrorism, President Johnson, perhaps substituting hubris for wisdom, promised to eliminate poverty entirely. President Bush’s war continues and so does poverty. For non-utopians, it figures; terrorism is as endemic in Islam as poverty is in humanity. Both date back to their respective origins so far as we can tell.

If we examine said origins, neither president’s programs seem to make much sense. Removing stable governments, killing…

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Turkey’s Constitutional Court Strikes Down Law Making Sex With Girls Under 15 Sexual Abuse


150px-muslim_woman_in_yemenLike many Muslim countries, Turkey has a long and troubling history of child brides and arranged marriages. Some Islamic clerics have maintained that there can be no age limitation on child brides. They often note that Muhammad married Aisha when she was seven and consummated the marriage at nine years old.Just as Pakistan recently struck down its protection for girls from such abuse, the Turkish Constitutional Court has ruled annulled a provision that punishes all sexual acts against children under the age of 15 as “sexual abuse.” It is a major set back for girls and women in Turkey and another example of how the Islamic fundamentalists have taken over this once secular country under the authoritarian rule of our ally Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

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High risk of modern slavery in nearly 60 percent of countries, global index finds

The Secular Jurist

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Almost 60 percent of countries are at high risk of using slave labor in their supply chains, according to a new global index launched on Thursday, which also ranked North Korea as having the worst record of slave labor in the world.

By assessing incidents of human trafficking or slavery, national laws, and the quality of law enforcement across 198 countries, risk analytics company Verisk Maplecroft found that 115 countries were at high or extreme risk of using slaves.

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The Kung Fu Nuns of Nepal



For centuries, Buddhist nuns have been banned from practicing the deadly martial art of kung fu, but a few years ago the Druk Amitabha Mountain nunnery in Nepal became the home of the world’s first first order of kung fu nuns.

Traditionally, the inherently patriarchal Buddhist monastic system has nuns performing only the most meanial of domestic tasks, while the monks can lead prayers and occupy powerful positions. Nuns are perceived as inferior to monks and usually spend their time working in the kitchens and gardens of Buddhist monasteries. Learning ancient martial arts is definitely off limits for them, so how did the nuns of Druk Amitabha Mountain nunnery come to practice kung fu up to two hours every day?

Roughly 26 years ago, members of the of the 800-year-old Drukpa order rebelled and formed the Druk Amitabha Mountain nunnery, a place where women are treated with the same respect as men. “When I was very small, I…

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