Dead Sperm Whales Found With Stomachs Full of Car Parts and Plastic

Source: Tailor Brands

In January 2016, 29 Sperm Wales were discovered beached on shores around the North Sea which is much too shallow for these aquatic mammals.[1] Scientists were severely concerned when finding what these animals had digested.  Several whales were found dead with plastic fragments in their stomachs, one with a 13-meter long fishing net, another with a 70cm piece of a car engine cover and bits of synthetic materials.[2] However, the reason for their death was but heart failure.[3]

Image Source: National Geographic Robert Habeck holding car parts and fishing nets that were found in the stomachs of the Sperm Whales

The environmental minister for the state of Schleswig-Holsten, Robert Habeck, said that “These findings show us the results of our plastic-orientated society. Animals inadvertently consume plastic and plastic waste, which causes them to suffer, and at worst, causes them to starve with full stomachs.”[4]

Suffering from human negligence

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Ron Paul Interviews Snowden On The “Rise Of The Deep State”

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In a discussion with Edward Snowden on his weekly ?Liberty Report,”Ron Paul and the former NSA contractor trace the genesis of the so-called Deep State, and discuss how the US intelligence community uses covert programs like those exposed by Snowden in 2013 to trample individual freedoms.

The most sinister quality of the Deep State, Snowden says, is its ability to mask its very existence from the public, allowing it to undermine President Donald Trump while remaining largely hidden from scrutiny.

?Generally, when we?re talking about the Deep State, what we?re talking about is a mass of government that survives beyond administrations, but that is not responding to the politics of the people. This belongs not to a particular political party, but it serves across parties. Across administrations.?

The Deep State?s culture of secrecy convinces employees that they won?t ever be held accountable for their actions, Snowden said, since even…

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Intelligence Officials Can’t Say How Many Americans They Spy On

The Secular Jurist

WASHINGTON ― There was at least one remarkable revelation from Wednesday’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing that had nothing to do with President Donald Trump and Russia: Top national security officials declared they couldn’t estimate how many Americans get ensnared in their massive intelligence sweeps.

While Trump and Russia dominated the hearing, it was ostensibly called to review the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that expires this year, as well as its controversial Section 702, which allows some “incidental” collection of data on citizens when the National Security Agency targets foreign subjects overseas.

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Never trust authority or modern technology – and especially not the combination

A Word in Your Ear

My landlord wants me to pay my rent by Direct Debit. I am very unwilling to do this preferring to call in at the office with a monthly cheque (Banker’s Draft).  The reason is at my previous address I did pay by Direct Debit and on one occasion the bank made a mistake and failed to pass on the rent.  Meanwhile my husband and I were blithely unaware that we had failed to pay our rent, and the situation continued on unknown to us for several weeks until our patient and puzzled landlord sent a polite enquiry as to why he had not received his rent.

The bank sorted it out and had the grace to acknowledge their mistake and apologise to the landlord directly – BUT – we never received an explanation about how the mistake had been made, and after that we became worried.  What if the bank…

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How Trump could cause a 21st Century witch hunt

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Way back when esnl was an undergrad majoring in anthropology, one of our professors relentlessly hammered in one point: People are territorial group animals just like chimpanzees, our closest primate cousins [the bonobo hadn’t be recognized yet as a separate species even closer to us than chimps].

We also know that violence breaks out among chimps when resources are scarce and groups come into conflict.

We’ve also learned that humans who see themselves and their groups under threat can respond in those same primal ways.

And history teaches us that demagogues with dark agendas can exploit those same instincts to enhance their own positions of power by targeting popular anger towards the weak and those readily distinguishable from our own groups.

Some of our first television memories, after we got one of the first sets in town when we were six years old, was of the Army/McCarthy hearings, when a…

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Billionaires richer than ever

Dear Kitty. Some blog

The world's top billionaires

By Shannon Jones:

Wealth of world’s billionaires soars amid stock market surge

22 March 2017

The ranks of the world’s billionaires registered a sharp increase in 2016, with the number rising by 233 to reach a record 2,043, according to Forbes magazine’s annual survey. This was the first time that the Forbes list of the world’s richest has included more than 2,000 individuals.

The combined wealth of those on Forbes’ billionaires list rose 18 percent to $7.67 trillion, a staggering sum, more than the gross domestic product of all but the wealthiest of the world’s countries. The immediate impetus for the rise are surging stock prices, which have reached record levels since the election of US president Donald Trump, and the rising price of oil over the past 12 months.

More fundamentally, the increasing concentration of wealth among the world’s richest represents a social retrogression in which…

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Corrupt Elites Will Fight Hard to Stop the Dismantling of the Looting Machines from Which They Draw Their Vast Wealth

Stop Making Sense

Patrick Cockburn writes for The Independent:

Can corruption be controlled by reform or is it so much the essential fuel sustaining political elites that it will only be ended – if it ends at all – by revolutionary change?

The answer varies according to which countries one is talking about, but in many – particularly those relying on the sale of natural resources like oil or minerals – it is surely too late to expect any incremental change for the better. Anti-corruption drives are a show to impress the outside world or to target political rivals.

The [recent] anti-corruption summit in London may improve transparency and disclosure, but it can scarcely be very effective against politically well-connected racketeers, busily transmuting political power into great personal wealth.

This is peculiarly easy to do in those countries in the Middle East and Africa which suffer from what economists call “the resource curse”…

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Top 37 Regrets People Have As They Grow Older (Pay Attention To #15)

When people look back and reflect on their lives, what are some of the most common regrets reported as they grow older?

by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

When people look back and reflect on their lives, what are some of the most common regrets reported as they grow older?

1. Not traveling when you had the chance.

Traveling becomes infinitely harder the older you get, especially if you have a family and need to pay the way for three-plus people instead of just yourself.

2. Not learning another language.

You’ll kick yourself when you realize you took three years of language in high school and remember none of it.

3. Staying in a bad relationship.

No one who ever gets out of a bad relationship looks back without wishing they made the move sooner.

4. Forgoing sunscreen.

Wrinkles, moles, and skin cancer can largely be avoided if you protect yourself. You can use Coconut oil!

5. Missing the chance to see your favorite musicians.

“Nah, dude, I’ll catch Nirvana next time they come through…

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