Revealed: Universal Credit Requires The Terminally Ill To Meet ‘Work Coaches’

Govt Newspeak

Exclusive: Campaigners lament ‘thoughtless’ regulations under flagship benefit reform.

Campaigners have hit out at ‘cruelty’ towards the terminally ill under Universal Credit

Furious campaigners have accused the government of “cruelty” amid revelations that terminally ill people are assigned “work coaches” under Universal Credit.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been forced to defend the situation, described as “outrageous” and “beyond the pale” by end of life charity Marie Curie.

SNP MP Drew Hendry is now leading calls for changes to the way Universal Credit handles the claims of terminally ill people.

It comes as campaigners told HuffPost UK that people with terminal illnesses such as cancer, motor neurone disease and dementia face a raft of “thoughtless” regulations under Universal Credit.

Charities say they’ve seen those with just weeks to live:

  • suffer delays in payments so lengthy some claimants have died before receiving their entitlements;
  • forced to…

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Can the police be reformed?

Works in theory

This article originally appeared in Socialist Worker on June 28, 2016.

Cue-baldy cop inside photo Police in action near Oscar Grant Plaza during Occupy Oakland.

Scandalous revelations about police violence and corruption have been rocking the Bay Area. In Oakland, the city has had three police chiefs resign in a week and a half after reports emerged about officers having sex with a teenaged prostitute, while others exchanged racist text messages. In May, San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr stepped down after an ongoing campaign to hold him accountable for the crimes of the officers he oversaw.

In mid-June, the International Socialist Organization in San Francisco organized a forum on police violence and the struggle against it. I spoke about what it takes to reform the police. The other speaker in the panel discussion, Erica West, detailed the abuses of the San Francisco Police Department.

– – – – – – – –…

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Adults only – a plea for noise free, adult only, public space.

Citizens, not serfs

When I moved from Yorkshire to London, I ended up with maximum living costs for minimum lifestyle. In one move I went from spacious, decent, quiet, reasonably priced accommodation, to horrible accommodation of half the size and twice the price. For the extra money, and the extra work – Londoners work harder than people in most parts of the country as a direct result of dense population – I now breathed the most polluted air in Europe, equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes a day, queued everywhere, endured motor transport that travelled little faster than walking speed, was subject to continuous noise, especially from neighbours and most of it unnecessary, and was surrounded by people at all times who contained individuals who in the bad old days would have been contained in prison or mental asylums. London is an extremely expensive and polluted mad house.

But, hey, I’m a quiet person…

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Bullying in Ireland Dublin County Council


It is a long time , a very long time since I have written anything in the blog…….and nothing has changed since then.  I have said this before but it is worth repeating.   I have a notice in my window advertising the fact that bullying exists in Cambridge Court sheltered housing complex and so also has a female tenant got a notice in her window. They have been there now for a couple of years and not a single soul has enquired as to if there might be a problem. If you add to that the fact that this blog has been running for something in the region of 8 or 9 years and cronicling the bullying it is nothing short of staggering that NO ONE has shown the slightest interest. But it is telling………

My blog does not have much of a readership but all the ‘right people’ do or…

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Students as Slaves (to Debt)

Class Warfare Blog

I have been writing a great deal about coerced labor recently. Here is a new manifestation of it. In a “reform” of the bankruptcy laws (ca 2005, I think), it became all but impossible for students to discharge their student loans in a bankruptcy. The argument was that way too may students, especially those with lucrative incomes in their futures (doctors, lawyers, etc.), were discharging their debts through bankruptcy while they were still destitute, before their careers took off.

Well, a the Philadelphia Fed decided that claim was worth a look and so they did. Here is what they found:

Philadelphia Fed Study Debunks Main Argument for Student Debt Slavery

Basically no such pattern of such behavior can be found. So, why should such a bullshit argument be advanced in the first place?

Hello? The entire purpose of this legislation was to enslave students. Remember back in the 1970’s when…

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New Documentary details the inner-workings of Perpetual War for Profit

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

A new Independent Lensdocumentary, titled “Shadow World,” is highly recommended for those interested in the mechanics of perpetual war for profit.  It not only illuminates the inherent dangers of corporatism (i.e. the close association or merger between state and corporate power), but also exposes the warped mentality of its practitioners.  These individuals see the corruption of government as both unethical and as unavoidable.  Such blatant hypocrisy is repugnant to anyone with a working moral compass.  Regardless, one official interviewed in the film callously admitted:

It’s the way the system works.

A critic of this system also interviewed in the film observed rather ominously:

We’ve privatized the ultimate function of government – war.

From About the Film:

From Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama, from Margaret Thatcher to Tony Blair, Shadow World reveals the shocking realities of the global arms trade, the only business that…

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COMPROMISED: Sex-abuser Congressmen are open to massive blackmail

Jon Rappoport's Blog

COMPROMISED: Sex-abuser Congressmen are open to massive blackmail

by Jon Rappoport

November 23, 2017

Most people are naïve about how intelligence operations are run. Holding damaging secrets on public figures equals the opportunity for blackmail. This strategy was probably discovered by cave men.

—Sex-abuse claims filed against members of Congress—beyond Al Franken and John Conyers—

Where are all the names of these Congressmen? We’re now told that, in the past 10 years, $17 million has been paid out to accusers in small sums. An unknown part of that money was compensation for explicitly sexual offenses.

There are more cases where the accusers simply gave up and refused to pursue claims. They’re potentially waiting in the wings.

Not only are the Congressmen guilty, they’re open to blackmail. As they vote on bills; as they decide which lobbyists to favor; as they decide what advice to follow from intelligence agencies; as they…

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What’s NASA Hiding? Funds Study That Predicts How The World Will End, Then Washes Its Hands Of The Research - by F. Kaskais

What NASA Hiding Funds Study That Predicts How The World Will End Then Washes Its Hands Of The Research

The scientists created a NASA-funded new cross-disciplinary model – Human And Nature DYnamics or HANDY – on climate change to compare an egalitarian society, an equitable society, and an unequal society.

According to The Guardian, the study came to a conclusion that history is replete with evidences that advanced, complex civilizations are susceptible to collapse.

Its authors claimed that HANDY offered a highly credible wake-up call to governments, corporations, business and consumers to recognize that policy and structural changes are required immediately to avoid societal collapse.

“The fall of the Roman Empire, and the equally (if not more) advanced Han, Mauryan, and Gupta Empires, as well as so many advanced Mesopotamian Empires, are all…

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Book Review: Short Cuts: Life expectancy

Rtuc's Blog

Short Cuts

Danny Dorling

The first English Life Table was based on data collected around the census year of 1841 and gave female life expectancy as 42 and male as 40. By the sixth table, in 1891, life expectancy for women in England and Wales was 48 and for men 44. Many people lived longer than this, but so many babies died in their first year of life that it brought the average down. Public health reforms during the 1890s meant that by 1901 life expectancy was 52 for women and 48 for men. Four years each, gained in just ten years. The turn of the century brought a dramatic drop in infant and childhood mortality as sanitation and living standards improved. By 1921 women were expected to live to 60 and men to 56. Eight years each, gained in just twenty years. By 1951 women’s life expectancy was 72…

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