Secrets of slavery at your local car wash: Workers paid little or nothing for 11-hour shift and forced to live in squalid accommodation : Mirror.


Many are trafficked into the UK on the promise of paid work before becoming trapped in debt bondage.

Many car wash workers are thought to be trafficked (Image: Phil Harris/Daily Mirror)

Thousands of workers in hand car washes are thought to be victims of modern slavery , paid little or nothing for an 11-hour shift and forced to live in squalid accommodation.

Many are trafficked into the UK on the promise of paid work before becoming trapped in debt bondage, owing money to their bosses which they stand no chance of ever repaying.

Mirror investigators working with the anti-slavery watchdog found evidence to suggest thousands of mainly Eastern European people could be trapped working on forecourts and car parks.

Unable to speak English, they can work for up to 11 hours a day for little or no pay, and when their shift is done go “home” to makeshift accommodation, made…

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Examining the Ultimate Solution to Climate Change

The Secular Jurist

Editorial note:  The following is a thought experiment on solving the problem of catastrophic climate change.  It does not imply any such intent upon real persons or real institutions be they public or private.  The sole purpose hopes to expand awareness on the potentially existential crisis of global warming.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

By Robert A. Vella

The Assumption

You are the absolute ruler of the world, the unchallengeable behind-closed-doors sovereign over all things human.  The course and fate of modern civilization rests in your hands.  You must neither be moral nor immoral, but amoral.  Your decisions must be based exclusively on emotionless objectivity.  However, your choices are…

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Welcome to the Matrix: Enslaved by Technology and the Internet of Things

Battlefield America - A Government of Wolves

“There will come a time when it isn’t ‘They’re spying on me through my phone’ anymore. Eventually, it will be ‘My phone is spying on me.’” ― Philip K. Dick

If ever Americans sell their birthright, it will be for the promise of expediency and comfort delivered by way of blazingly fast Internet, cell phone signals that never drop a call, thermostats that keep us at the perfect temperature without our having to raise a finger, and entertainment that can be simultaneously streamed to our TVs, tablets and cell phones.

Likewise, if ever we find ourselves in bondage, we will have only ourselves to blame for having forged the chains through our own lassitude, laziness and abject reliance on internet-connected gadgets and gizmos that render us wholly irrelevant.

Indeed, while most of us are consumed with our selfies and trying to keep up with what our so-called friends are posting…

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Towards Womens’ Freedom: collective manifesto of the WSM (Ireland)

The Free

UPDATED: The Workers Solidarity Movement’s collectively agreed position on women’s freedom.womens' work

1. We recognise that women are specially oppressed as a gender, that they face oppression as women. We call this oppression sexism. As anarchists we oppose sexism wherever it exists on principle and in practice.

2.1 The nature of women’s oppression has changed as societies have developed. For example, the oppression of women that might have existed in some pre-class societies assumed a fundamentally new character with the development of class society. Just as the oppression of women in feudal societies changed its character with the development of capitalism.5b6f4b385e9ae450db74889c1f12e1fd

2.2 We reject the idea that women are in any way inferior to men or that women are biologically predisposed to assume certain roles in society. Sexism, racism etc are not genetic traits but, rather, are formed by social existence, upbringing and education.

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How inequality is growing

Phil Ebersole's Blog

This chart, from an article in the New York Times, shows the growth of inequality in the past 37 years.

The income growth that took place in 1980 benefited everyone, but primarily those at the bottom of the income scale.   That didn’t mean the rich became any less rich.  In fact, their gains measured in dollars rather than as a percentage probably were greater.   But a rising tide lifted all boats.

By 2004, things were just the opposition.  Most of the income growth that took place in that year was concentrated among the top income earners.

There is an interactive chart in the original article that shows the hockey stick pattern began in the 1980s, but really shot up beginning in the 2000s.

My theory is that the driving forces were (1) the Carter-Reagan era upper-bracket tax cuts, (2) the deregulation of the financial industry during the Clinton administration and…

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Workplace bullying and mobbing: Toxic systems and the eliminationist mindset

Minding the Workplace

(Drawing by Aaron Maeda, copyright 2016)

Virulent instances of workplace mistreatment often involve an eliminationist intention on the part of the chief aggressor(s). Two years ago I wrote that the eliminationist instinct may express itself in several ways, including workplace bullying and mobbing behaviors. It often reflects a desire not only to eliminate an employee from the workplace, but also to undermine the individual’s livelihood and health even after departure from the organization.

This year I’ve also been thinking a lot about the roles of lead aggressors vs. roles played by other organizational actors in work abuse situations, especially from a systems theory perspective that examines how human roles and interactions culminate in systems that produce certain results. In May I wrote:

Thus, a typical campaign of severe bullying or mobbing at work involves multiple players, including but hardly limited to:

  • The main aggressor(s);
  • The supervisor or boss of the…

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Offenders in Rochdale child sexual abuse scandal ‘remain at large’ : The Guardian


Former Greater Manchester police officer says lessons have not been learned and calls for change to law to allow senior officers to be prosecuted.

A former Greater Manchester police detective who resigned over the force’s handling of the Rochdale child sexual abuse scandal has claimed that offenders identified in the original investigation are still free to abuse young girls in the town.

Speaking before the airing of a new BBC1 drama, Three Girls – which tells the story of three victims in the 2012 Rochdale sex grooming case – Margaret Oliver said police had still not learned lessons and called for the law to be changed so that senior officers could be prosecuted for negligence.

Oliver, who is played by Lesley Sharp in the three-part series, said she was still in touch with many of the victims. “I’m speaking to kids who are telling me that even to this day…

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Just £2.8million of the £19MILLION Grenfell fund has reached survivors – despite being handed to ‘distributing organisations on the ground’ : Daily Mail.


  • Data shows £7.25m has been handed to distributing organisations on the ground
  • But only £2.8m has reached survivors, almost two months after west London fire
  • Campaigners said more must be done so that money reaches those who need it
  • Blaze ripped through the 24-storey tower block in June, killing at least 80 people

Barely 15 per cent of the £18.9million raised in the wake of the Grenfell disaster has been given to survivors.

Data from the Charity Commission shows £7.25million has been handed to distributing organisations on the ground.

But only £2.8million has reached survivors, almost two months after the blaze ripped through the 24-storey tower block in west London, killing at least 80 residents.

Campaigners welcomed the push for transparency after the charity regulator published the figures yesterday but said more needed to be done to ensure the money reaches those who need it.

Only £2.8million has reached survivors so far - almost two months after the blaze ripped through the 24-storey tower block in west London, killing at least 80 residents

Only £2.8million has reached…

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