Poisoned water and dead babies in Flint, USA

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This video from the USA says about itself:

Flint Water Crisis: A Pediatrician’s Job – Lewander Lecture (Hanna-Attisha) 5/24/17

Presented by Mona Hanna-Attisha, MD, MPH, FAAP
Director, Michigan State University – Hurley Children’s Hospital Pediatric Public Health Initiative

The Flint Water Crisis is an ongoing manmade public health disaster. In a cost cutting move, the Flint water source was changed without proper corrosion control treatment. The crisis has wrought widespread lead exposure, outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease, an increase in pneumonia mortality, skin disturbances and community-wide trauma and distrust.

Lead is a potent irreversible neurotoxin with no safe level. An environmental injustice, the Flint Water Crisis disproportionately impacted a poor and minority population and illustrates the role of pediatricians as clinicians, scientists, advocates and educators. Lessons will be shared, especially in light of the current political climate.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees of this session will be able to:

1. Describe…

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Earth faces “biological annihilation” as species decline, scientists warn

The Secular Jurist

Over the last half-billion years, scientists say there have been five mass extinction events on Earth in which a wide diversity of species on this planet suddenly died off. Now, there’s growing evidence that a sixth mass extinction is unfolding, according to scientists who track species around the globe. In a new study, researchers say the current mass extinction is even “more severe than perceived” and amounts to “biological annihilation” affecting thousands of species.

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The Shock Doctrine – Naomi Klein: A Review


Date finished: January 18th 2016

Once in a while, you come across a non-fiction book that hits you like a ton of bricks. As far as I remember, the last one to do this to me was Owen Jones’ The Establishment. Non-fiction resonates with us in a different way to fiction. Fiction appeals to our imagination; how we believe the world should be. Non-fiction deals in cold hard facts: how the world really is. The latter, when done correctly, is far more shocking.

Such is the case in Naomi Klein’s incendiary polemic The Shock Doctrine, which explores the insidious agenda of “disaster capitalism”. Based on the economic ideology of Milton Friedman and married to the torture and methods of psychological warfare conducted by the CIA, disaster capitalism is the exploitation of natural and artificial catastrophes for the financial gain of a small corporate elite. This goes from the relatively…

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“The Establishment: And how they get away with it” by Owen Jones

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In his follow-up to 2012’s Chavs, The Establishment sees Owen Jones perform an incisive dissection of what he terms Britain’s ‘Establishment’. His findings are deeply alarming, as he unveils a nauseating image of a Britain in a state of decomposition on its deathbed, the hungry, gleeful worms of the elite revelling in a State that is on its knees. By the end of this book, Jones is forced to declare that this Establishment “has curtailed and trimmed British democracy, ensuring Britain is a country rigged in favour of a tiny, self-aggrandizing elite. And until that changes, democracy is Britain will be imperilled” (p.193). Yet perhaps the most admirable section of this provocative book is its conclusion; here, Jones takes a break from detailing the gross injustices eating away at the heart of Britain to propose sensible and practical steps for positive social change. Weeks before Russell Brand’s infamously titled…

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Dead Sperm Whales Found With Stomachs Full of Car Parts and Plastic

Source: Tailor Brands

In January 2016, 29 Sperm Wales were discovered beached on shores around the North Sea which is much too shallow for these aquatic mammals.[1] Scientists were severely concerned when finding what these animals had digested.  Several whales were found dead with plastic fragments in their stomachs, one with a 13-meter long fishing net, another with a 70cm piece of a car engine cover and bits of synthetic materials.[2] However, the reason for their death was but heart failure.[3]

Image Source: National Geographic Robert Habeck holding car parts and fishing nets that were found in the stomachs of the Sperm Whales

The environmental minister for the state of Schleswig-Holsten, Robert Habeck, said that “These findings show us the results of our plastic-orientated society. Animals inadvertently consume plastic and plastic waste, which causes them to suffer, and at worst, causes them to starve with full stomachs.”[4]

Suffering from human negligence

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Ron Paul Interviews Snowden On The “Rise Of The Deep State”

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In a discussion with Edward Snowden on his weekly ?Liberty Report,”Ron Paul and the former NSA contractor trace the genesis of the so-called Deep State, and discuss how the US intelligence community uses covert programs like those exposed by Snowden in 2013 to trample individual freedoms.

The most sinister quality of the Deep State, Snowden says, is its ability to mask its very existence from the public, allowing it to undermine President Donald Trump while remaining largely hidden from scrutiny.

?Generally, when we?re talking about the Deep State, what we?re talking about is a mass of government that survives beyond administrations, but that is not responding to the politics of the people. This belongs not to a particular political party, but it serves across parties. Across administrations.?

The Deep State?s culture of secrecy convinces employees that they won?t ever be held accountable for their actions, Snowden said, since even…

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Intelligence Officials Can’t Say How Many Americans They Spy On

The Secular Jurist

WASHINGTON ― There was at least one remarkable revelation from Wednesday’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing that had nothing to do with President Donald Trump and Russia: Top national security officials declared they couldn’t estimate how many Americans get ensnared in their massive intelligence sweeps.

While Trump and Russia dominated the hearing, it was ostensibly called to review the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that expires this year, as well as its controversial Section 702, which allows some “incidental” collection of data on citizens when the National Security Agency targets foreign subjects overseas.

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